I bought a returns pallet of dresses… there were 25 inside and now I basically have a new wardrobe | The Sun

I bought a returns pallet of dresses… there were 25 inside and now I basically have a new wardrobe | The Sun

RETURN pallets have been taking the Internet by storm recently – with many YouTubers showing off their huge bargain hauls. 

But while return pallets typically consist of homeware items or beauty products, one YouTuber managed to find a return box full of glamorous dresses. 

Social media star, Mia Maples, took to YouTube to show off the box of returned dresses that she recently purchased.

Mia has a whopping 3.32million subscribers and has done a variety of return videos before, which her followers love.

Her recent video sees her share a box of prom dresses that she bought at auction for £338.

It might sound like a lot of money, but the box contained 25 stunning evening dresses that worked out at just £13.56 each.

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Mia uploaded her video to YouTube with the caption ‘I Bought Prom Dress Returns *25 dresses for cheap!!*’

In the video, we see Mia unboxing the returns pallet, as she tries on each of the dresses and gives her honest verdict.

She said: “We are going to be diving into some returned prom dresses.

“I am officially addicted to buying return boxes.

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“Today I am so ridiculously excited because we bought another, another return box – yes I’m addicted and no, I won’t stop.

“When I saw this returned prom dress box, I was like, I need it.

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“Now this was a bidding auction type deal, I was bidding against people for these.

“I must admit, the people I was bidding against were not super rigopros or excited to get these, so it wasn’t that hard to win.

“I ended up getting it for $400 [US dollars – £338]. 

“They showed a few in the photos but I tried not to look because I wanted to be shocked at the items.

“Apparently there are 25 dresses in here.

“I also don’t really know what the sizes are, I probably should've checked but I didn’t want to look at it because I wanted to be surprised, so I don’t know what the sizes are or what they are going to look like.”

The huge box arrived and we see Mia struggling to carry it as she explained: “I’m so excited, I love trying on dresses”.

“There are 25 dresses, so it’s $16 [£13.56] a dress.”

Mia tried on each dress, showing how it looked on, as she gave her honest opinion of each one.

The first one was a result and left Mia very impressed, as she explained: “This is nice! This almost looks like early 2000s vintage. 

“Inside we have a built-in corset and it goes into an A-line with a little bit of a train.

“This is so cute, this is nice, it looks really good on. I like it. The back is really pretty too.

“I really like this one, I like the colour, I like the detailing and I don’t see any signs of wear.” 

Mia continued trying on each of the dresses and the second one was absolutely stunning – a black floor-length, one-shoulder gown.

She added: “I like it, it’s really effortless and elegant.”

There were a variety of different dresses in the box – some short and some long, and a variety of different colours and styles. 

Mia was very impressed with the range of beautiful dresses and while some of the dresses showed visible signs of wear, the majority of them looked brand new and appeared to have never been worn before.

She concluded: “Trying on 25 dresses was tiring, but it was also insanely fun.

“I can honestly say, I am so impressed with this return box.

“These dresses were really pretty.

“A few of them were dirty or damaged a little bit, but not even too bad, I almost feel like not beyond repair.

“There were only about 5 or 6 that seemed damaged like that, the rest seemed brand new, some from the 90s, but still brand new, and for $16 each, crazy.

“I picked out around four dresses that I plan on keeping and I will definitely find a good home to donate these [others] too, I’m sure these dresses are going to make some people very happy”. 

Mia’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has racked up a whopping 1,210,136 views, 50k likes and 3,698 comments. 

One person said: “I want Mia to go dress shopping with me because she hypes every dress up even if it’s not her favourite. I need that energy in my life”. 

Another added: “I think what always impresses me about Mia and what keeps me coming back each and every single video is how she always manages to stay super positive about everything – especially hauls where even the items she doesn't like that much she'd give it a good reason why and sometimes even apologise.

“Isn't easy to have such a positive outlook, so thank you for always brightening up my days, Mia”. 

A third commented: “The black “mom” dress is absolutely beautiful and fits you SO well!” 

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Someone else explained: “I’m in love with the “timeless” purple dress! It's so beautiful and elegant, perfect for any occasion.. 

“I love how these dresses were in different and bigger sizes as well”.

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