I ate Nando’s at least once a day for ages and didn’t have to pay – here’s how | The Sun

I ate Nando’s at least once a day for ages and didn’t have to pay – here’s how | The Sun

A GYM bunny has revealed that she ate Nando’s every single day before the gym for FREE for six months.

Lucie, who goes by Lucie Lifts online, said she visited the popular chicken restaurant “every single day” without spending a penny.

And it was all thanks to her rewards card. 

Taking to Tik Tok, she explained: “Me and my boyfriend visited Nando’s regularly as it was. 

“It got to a point where we both had red rewards and we both wanted to use them.”

Nando’s customers can tot up rewards at the restaurant with earning one chilli every time they spend over £7. 

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The chillies can be exchanged for the rewards – which is free food – once you hit three, six or 10 total chillies.

When you’ve collected three chillies, you can unlock a green reward, which is a choice of starter or a 1/4 chicken. 

Once you’ve collected six chillies, you get an orange reward – which is a wrap, burger, pitta or 1/2 chicken.

And finally, if you make it to ten chillies, you unlock a red reward of a full combo meal of your choice or a whole chicken. 

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Lucie continued: “Then the next time we went to Nando’s and looked at our rewards, we both had red wards.

“We were like, ‘oh, this is great – we get Nando’s free twice… Amazing!’

“And then the next time we went back, we still had red rewards.

“This carried on for – I kid you not – about six weeks. 

“We would always head to the gym after Nando’s.

“And then it got to the point where we would come back home a couple of hours later and we would just go back to Nando’s and get chicken and rice.

“It was the life of luxury and I wish I could have it back.”

She added in the caption: “We knew all the staff as well.

“They used to say ‘see you tomorrow’ when we left.”

It wasn’t just Lucie and her boyfriend who benefitted from the glitch.

Other chicken-lovers chimed in that they “rinsed” free meals in Nando’s at the same time too.

One said: “I absolutely rinsed this as well.

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“I went like 24 times in a month.”

Another said: “This happened to me and then I decided to share it with my friend and it went.”

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