I applied for a McDonald's job – I was stunned by a massive employee perk that applies even if I only work a day a week | The Sun

I applied for a McDonald's job – I was stunned by a massive employee perk that applies even if I only work a day a week | The Sun

A MASSIVE employee perk for workers at McDonald's has been revealed – sometimes regardless of how many days per week you work.

TikToker @yess_itsamiracle shared the discovery in a viral video after taking a friend to get fries from the fast food chain.

"It’s hard out here for businesses," she captioned the TikTok video.

She goes on to explain the poster she saw while at the undisclosed McDonald's location.

"Available 1 day a week … Works for us!," the poster advertising to potential new employees reads.

"Only want to work 2 days a week … We can do that!," it continues.

"Need 40 hours a week … We got you!"

But the real reveal comes from the perks listed above what the TikToker described as "desperate" appeals to potential new employees.

Among the listed benefits are career advancement, flexible schedules, and student loan forgiveness.

However, it remains unclear if the benefits extend to employees who are only working one or two days per week.

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The Sun has reached out to McDonald's for clarification on their student loan forgiveness policies.

The company recently announced that it was launching a program in metro Atlanta and northwest Georgia to forgive some employees' student loans.

Through the program, employees at the 264 locations in north Georgia can apply to have $1,250 applied to their balance with their student loan lender each year.

Employees are eligible for the student loan relief after they've worked at one of the eligible McDonald's locations for 90 days.

Meanwhile, at McDonald's locations in Texas, college tuition assistance is offered at up to $3,000 per year for every employee.

Texas McDonald's locations also offer flexible work schedules, according to their website.

The TikTok video has more than 23,000 views.

Dozens of TikTokers commented on the video sharing their thoughts on the company's plea for workers as well as the incentives offered.

"So if I work one day a week? I can get student loan forgiveness? I may have to step," one user wrote.

"If they pay my whole college tuition to any college I go to then I’ll work for them," another said.

"Amazon does this too. You have to work one day a week to keep working there and you pick your shift. Amazon Flex," someone else commented.

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Someone else said that Target offers a similar flexible scheduling opportunity.

"I want to talk to an employee who has actually gotten these incentives," the original poster chimed in.

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