How do you get rid of moths and stop them from eating clothes? – The Sun | The Sun

How do you get rid of moths and stop them from eating clothes? – The Sun | The Sun

THERE'S nothing more frustrating than getting out one of your much-loved jumpers or coats from your wardrobe, only to discover moths have got to it first.

So if you want to prevent the problem from happening and ensure the annoying insects are as far away from your home and clothes as possible, there's some easy tricks to stop them taking over.

How to get rid of moths

Any fashion lover will understand why it's important to stop moths from running riot in your closet.

But instead of chasing them around your home, how do you stop them from getting in?

The first thing you need to take note of is that if you spot a moth in your house – it's likely not a clothes moth.

The kind that get in through the cracks in your wardrobe actively avoid any light – unlike other moths – and therefore, you're only able to spot them if you go hunting in those places and keep your eyes firmly peeled.

In fact, it's not the adult clothes moth that eat your clothes at all, but the larvae produced from the eggs that they lay.

Therefore, you need to take action by ticking things off from a checklist, to help get rid of moths:

Clean regularly

It may seem pretty obvious, but the first step in sorting the problem is to ensure you're deep cleaning everything in the home.

The insects thrive and multiply when there are food spills or other enticing scents so make sure you have a deep clean regularly to keep them at bay.

Therefore, hoovering has never been more important and will work wonders.

However, if a deep clean has failed and the problem rears its ugly head again, a worst case scenario may be calling in the exterminators.



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Cedar wood

There's one material that repels moths more than any other – cedar wood.

If you're into vintage furniture, cedar wood is all the rage, as you can buy cedar wood chests other items very easily.

But all's not lost if you prefer the modern touch, as instead of your wardrobe being made of it, you can simply place blocks or rings of it directly into the piece of furniture.


Another great way to avoid moths from settling in your home is by getting your hands on a  sprig of lavender.

Not only will it make your home smell fresh and delightful, but it'll also help with the task at hand.

Another top tip is to invest in some lavender sachets and hang them in your wardrobe.

A great way to spread the scent around the home effectively is to make your own cleaning spray to act a a repellent, combining drops of lavender essential oil with water and spraying onto carpets and clothing.

How to stop moths from eating clothes?

The most effective way to stop moths from eating your clothes is to make sure they don't live in your wardrobe in the first place – but there's some easy steps to follow if they've beaten you to it.

According to Good Housekeeping, "to get rid of moths, you'll need to break their life cycle, and that means getting rid of any unhatched eggs, as well as larvae."

Therefore, you need to ensure your wardrobe is totally moth free.

They suggest: "Start by taking all the clothes out of your wardrobe.

"Then vacuum the bottom of the wardrobe thoroughly, using the crevice tool to get right into the corners and along the edges."

Once this is done, you should wash all of your clothes "at the highest recommended temperature".

But if your favourite clothing item can't be washed, Good Housekeeping says you can look at another route.

The home experts continued: "You can also wrap things made from non-washable fabrics in plastic bags and then pop them in the freezer for 48 hours, as sub-zero temperatures kill moth larvae."

Another important factor to consider is how you store away your clothes.

Packing your clothes in vaccum pack bags or airtight boxes is a great way to maximise your chances of them making it through hole free.

However, don't use cardboard boxes as moths are able to eat through them easily.

The New York Times also suggests that there's also another bright idea.

They say: "Airtight storage isn't the only solution, though.

"Keeping your closets open and moving clothing around frequently will help prevent moths from wanting to hang around in your closet, because they hate light and movement."



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Do moths bite and are they dangerous?

Contrary to popularly belief, moths don't bite and,  in fact, do not even have a mouth.

That's because feeding is not their priority.

Instead their only job is to reproduce and lay eggs before they die, therefore creating their cycle of chaos for home owners.

Why are moths attracted to light?

All insects are attracted to light because they confuse the animals' navigational system and for them, it is a point of reference.

Light is something that they recognise and so they will go to it whenever they find it.

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