Hot mum stuns fans with her sexy wardrobe & won’t ever dress her age – people think she’s decades younger | The Sun

Hot mum stuns fans with her sexy wardrobe & won’t ever dress her age – people think she’s decades younger | The Sun

A HOT MUM has left people online stunned when she revealed her age.

Samantha who posts fashion and beauty on TikTok often gets comments telling her she looks decades younger.

Posting to the TikTok account, Stung By Samantha, she revealed her latest outfit.

In the clip, she wore a grey pinstripe suit with a white t-shirt and chunk trousers.

The US-based woman accessorised the look with a chunk black belt, sunglasses, and gold jewellery.

The mum has revealed that she is 54 and wrote: "Style over 50," showing fashion doesn't stop for age.


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The video has since gone viral with over 700k views and over 17,000 likes.

People were left stunned by her outfits with many praising the 54-year-old for still dressing young.

One wrote: "Finally someone like me! Love your style! I’m going to be 60 and I still dress like I’m 30, why not right?"

Agreeing with the comment, Samantha replied: "Yassssss."

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In another video, one person wrote: "I think there is no a style for over 50 or for 40 there is a style that you feel.

She replied: "Exactly."

Others said that Samantha looked decades younger than she is.

Another person commented: "No way, you’re not over 50, you look fantastic!!!"

"Girl you don’t even look close to 50. You look amazing," penned a third.

A fourth added: "50!? You look amazing! Love the outfit."

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "50?!?! Are you effing kidding me?! Gorgeous girl!"

"Over 50?! Omg I wish I looked like you! What’s your secret!!!!!!," claimed another.

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