Horoscope daily today LIVE – Free UK star sign news and updates for Gemini, Cancer, Libra Pisces, Aries, Leo and more

Horoscope daily today LIVE – Free UK star sign news and updates for Gemini, Cancer, Libra Pisces, Aries, Leo and more

Welcome to The Sun's horoscopes live blog, where you'll find all the latest insight on what the stars want you to know.

Interest in astrology has gone stratospheric with millions of us turning to the zodiac to consult our cosmic compass.

Whether you want to know what job you should be doing, where to get a tattoo or if Roger from HR is ever going to propose, the answer could be written in the stars.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope junkies like us want to know more about the zodiac than ever before.

So whether you're a limelight loving Leo, sultry Scorpio or MI5-minded Virgo (she keeps receipts), reach for the stars and tap into what the universe is trying to tell you.

Read our horoscopes live blog below for the very latest on what the stars have in store for YOU…

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    The Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animal signs and the Western zodiac consists of 12 star signs.

    The story about how the Chinese Animals came about is that a race was organized by the Jade Emperor – one of the most important gods in traditional Chinese religion. 

    The Emperor invited all the animals in the world to take part. As a reward for turning up, the Emperor named a year in the zodiac after each one, while the race would determine the order each animal would be placed.

    Chinese Animals in order:  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

    The ancient Egyptians contributed the idea that patterns of stars made up constellations, through which the sun appears to “move” at a specific times during the year. It’s thought that all of these ideas came together when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt around 330 BC.

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    Jupiter retrograde is due to begin on June 20 and it will last until October 18, meaning that this retrograde will rule all of summer 2021 and much of autumn.

    The planet Jupiter governs our social rather than personal sphere, meaning that the effects of this retrograde will be felt on a larger scale (e.g. family, society, and the world at large). 

    But don’t worry too much — in general, it is thought that Jupiter retrograde is a time to inspire reflection, growth, and deeper thought.

    There may also be confusion and stress rising to the surface, but this is likely to stimulate positive change and lead to new opportunities opening up, so get ready!

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    According to astrologer K C Gupta, every colour has an impact on our lives and there’s colours that are lucky for every star sign and others that each sign should avoid.

    The Holi Horoscope is inspired by the Hindu festival Holi where people take part by throwing coloured powder at each other – the powder, known as gulal, is thought to intoxicate people so their religion and social status don’t matter.

    Here’s what’s in store for your Holi Horoscope for 2021:

    Aries – As Aries is an “energetic and enthusiastic” star sign, the expert says you should gravitate towards reds, yellows and greens to bring “harmony” into your life.

    Colour to avoid: Black

    Taurus – People with the Taurus star sign have a shared love of beautiful things, according to K C Gupta. And so you naturally choose the colours green, pink whites and blue.

    Colour to avoid: Red

    Libra – Libras love the Holi festival and have their celebrations all planned out. In order to match their organised personality, the expert says you should pick lavender, violet, and baby blues to spread the joy of the festival.

    Colour to avoid: Green and Yellow

    For more signs click here.

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    If you've been seeing 222 pop up on watches, receipts, page numbers, spreadsheets or anywhere else, chances are this is more than just a coincidence.

    Repeating numbers could be our angels trying to communicate with us, and knowing the secrets behind each number is the key to unlocking the message.

    In numerology, different numbers carry different significance, and when a number repeats itself its energy is even stronger.

    According to Well+Good, 222 and other angel numbers carry a variety of possible meanings. That's why it's essential to use your intuition to explore what the angels are telling you.

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    Interior design experts have shared their tips on how to style and furnish your home according to your star sign.

    Whether you like bold colours or a white and minimalist scheme, it turns out your tastes are more influenced by your star sign than you think.

    UK-based firm, The French Bedroom Company, have revealed what furniture, colours and fabrics you should use to decorate your home. Writing in a blog post, they said: “By using your star sign to help make interior design decisions, you can create a warm and welcoming space that truly reflects your inner character. Read more here.

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    While Liam’s star sign is Capricorn, Miley falls on the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp with her birthday on November 23. 

    A cusp sign means someone who is born towards the end of a zodiac sign –  slap bang on the date in which your Sun sign moves into the one that proceeds it.

    Miley’s cusp sign is typically a little more wild, while Liam’s Capricorn sign is known for being stoic and more dependable.

    The relationship between the two can quickly become very love/hate – so it’s no surprise that the pair’s relationship was always on and off. 

    While they did go on to marry at the end of 2018, the pair split just eight months later and went their separate ways for good. Find out the compatibility of more celebrity couples here.

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    Some writers say that 11.11 indicates the presence of the spirit. For some, seeing 11:11 is an auspicious sign and the numbers have magical powers themselves.

    Likewise, the number 333 has some different interpretations but it is also broadly thought to be a message from a guardian angel to tell you to keep going down the path you are.

    It is thought to offer comfort, inner-strength and encouragement.

  • Maria Hummer


    Bed specialist Time4Sleep has teamed up with astrologist, Lisa Stardust, to reveal how your sleeping habits are connected to your zodiac.

    Taurus need about 8-10 hours – To keep the bull behind the Taurus sign feeling zen, a solid night’s sleep is essential.

    Sagittarius need about 5 hours – A few hours here and there is enough rest to satisfy the globe trotting sign.

    Capricorn need about 7 hours with a 30 min power nap – You need a full night’s sleep as well as one long nap in the middle of the day to help them unwind.

    Read more about your sign here.

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    While your sun sign is easy to determine – based on the date you were born – it’s a little more complicated to work out your moon sign.

    Your moon sign is determined by calculating your full date, place and time of birth and finding your position around the moon.

    It moves quickly around the zodiac, visiting each sign for around two to two and a half days.

    Your moon sign is likely to be different from your sun sign – i.e. you might be a Taurus, but your lunar sign might be in Sagittarius. Luckily, there are Moon Sign Calculators available online, such as this one from Lunarium, which can help you work out your sign.

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    WELL, dear friends, the time has almost come for us to slip on our sandals and gaze into bae’s eyes without the lashing rain betraying our fake tan.

    As we get ready for some long-awaited freedom we thought we’d take a look at the perfect dates according to our star signs and if you think we’re even considering a Zoom call, think again!

    Aries – Salsa Lessons

    Taurus – Fancy Restaurant

    Gemini – Drive-in Movie

    Cancer – Home-cooked Meal

    Leo – Karaoke Bar

    Virgo – Bowling

    Libra – Art Gallery

    Scorpio – Treasure Hunt

    Sagittarius – Foreign Film

    Capricorn – Spa Day

    Aquarius – Science Museum

    Pisces – Picnic

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    Kim’s star sign is Libra, which means her strengths include fair-mindedness and diplomacy.

    It’s no wonder she’s attracted to pursuing a career in law. But with so much on her plate, including a divorce from Gemini Kanye West, are her dreams truly within reach? What do the stars say?

    According to StyleCaster, Libras around the middle of June are likely to experience a conflict of priorities, and a firm decision will have to be made.

    Toward the end of the month, certain planetary movements mean that Libras will be able to find a greater sense of direction and purpose.

    What this means for Kim is that big realisations will probably hit by the end of June, leading her to re-evaluate her priorities and make some tough choices.

    She has been through some immense changes recently, and her Libra sign means that she will do whatever it takes to bring her life back into balance.

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    Many of us already read our horoscope for predictions and general advice — but can astrology also be used as a self-care tool?

    According to an article in Vogue, astrology is beginning to occupy a self-care space with countless people turning to the stars for wellness and self-development tips.

    There also seems to be a growing connection between astrology and psychology as people are using their star sign to understand themselves more deeply.

    Like other self-care practices (such as meditation and yoga), astrology can help us to make peace with who we are as well as plan for the future.

  • Maria Hummer


    Firstly, you need to get to grips with the basics, by reading books, reading horoscope charts and practising interpretations.

    The best next step is to get certified from a reputable school that teaches astrology.

    Then, you should determine where you’d like your career to go, be it doing individual horoscope readings, for corporate events, online or for magazines or newspapers – to name a few.

    It could be a good idea when you start out to intern or get an apprenticeship with a professional astrologer, who will be able to give you valuable guidance. 

    Once you have a solid foundation to your knowledge, you can start forging a business out of astrology, should you wish. 

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    With summer just around the corner and lockdown lifting, most people are itching to book in a staycation with their pals, but which is better suited to you?

    PsychicWorld.com has matched a weekend staycation idea to the personality trait of each 12 horoscopes – meaning your holiday plans have just got so much easier. 

    Aries: Music Festivals 

    Taurus: Hiking Holiday 

    Gemini: Glamping 

    Cancer: Spa Weekend Find more on signs and their perfect staycations here.

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    Princess Diana was born under the sign of Cancer. As one of the water signs in the zodiac, feelings tend to be a major driving factor in people with this sign in their birth chart.

    She became known as "the People's Princess" and this was probably due to her huge capacity for empathy – another common characteristic of Cancerians.

    Cancer is a star sign that is ruled by the moon, and so intuition and creativity also strongly feature.

    However, Cancers are known for their sensitive nature and their need for connection with others. They're not the sort who can just toughen up and take it.

  • Maria Hummer


    Communication is vital, and you may have to work doubly hard to get your point across and make sure you understand theirs. Don’t leave things unsaid, don’t drift into mixed signals or unspoken frustrations. 

    This is not an ideal time to take anything to the ~next level~ or try to rekindle ex / past connections. 

    Avoid things with your partner like major travel or moves (if you can), or difficult conversations that aren’t urgent and can wait until a better time, or upgrading your home technology or communications.

    Use this time to de-clutter! Lessening the load, vs adding to it, is the perfect retrograde activity. If you can chill, do. Chill together. 

    Whilst the retrograde is taking place, turn your home into a personal sanctuary. Candles, crystals, flowers, low lighting, cosy corners… take refuge and chill. 

  • Maria Hummer

    The best honeymoon destinations for YOUR star sign revealed

    WE reckon the honeymoon is the best bit of a wedding and with the world starting to open up, we thought we’d look at the perfect place to wear your matching swimsuits according to your star sign.

    From a highland fling in Scotland to a vacay in Hawaii that simply screams Instagram, according to jetsetter where you’ll get to spend quality time as a couple could be written in the stars.

    Aries: South Africa

    Daredevil Aries is not going to be content with a pedestrian spa retreat or sweating their eyebrows off on the beach.

    This trailblazing sign would have a ball on safari and we recommend one of the stunning South African resorts where you can fulfil a dream while looking cute in khaki.

    Taurus: Amalfi Coast

    Oh, Taurus we know you like the finer things in life and your honeymoon needs to reflect that.

    Lapping up luxury on the Amalfi Coast would be just the ticket for you and just think of all the amazing food – you are ruled by your stomach after all.

    Gemini: Hawaii

    You want a full-on exotic honeymoon, Gemini. Think pineapples, coconuts and…ohh now we want a pina colada.

    The tropical island of Hawaii would be a great shout – we can just see you both doing the hula wearing matching tans.

    Cancer: Scotland

    You’re all about the home comforts on a honeymoon Cancer so somewhere close to home will fit the bill nicely.

    How about having a highland fling in bonnie Scotland? Jetsetter advises heading up to the Highlands where you can stay in one of the resplendent castles complete with tartan-clad staff.

    Leo: Turks and Caicos

    Leo, you’re going want to be seen by all the right people on your honeymoon and take a heap of grammable photos.

    May we suggest a posh private island on Turks and Caicos? Yes, we thought you’d like the sound of that. According to jetsetter, it’s a celeb hot spot so you’ll fit right in!

    Virgo: Petra

    Intellectual and detail-driven Virgo will want to feel stimulated cerebrally on their honeymoon.

    Why not follow in the steps of Indiana Jones and explore Petra, the 2,000-year old Nabataean city that’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World?You know khaki’s your colour.

    Libra: Spain

    Only the most “Omg this is so romantic!” setting will do for your passionate sign Libra.

    Jetsetter suggests Spain’s Duero Wine Region, where you can stay in a 12th century monastery just perfect for love-struck couples looking for a sultry wine country escape. Bottoms up!

    Scorpio: Ecuador

    You want to escape the crowds and immerse yourself in nature on your honeymoon Scorpio so how about giving Ecuador a go?

    Situated on a 2,500-acre wildlife reserve that fronts the Amazon’s Napo River, Yachana lodge is one of the country’s premier eco-tourism destinations and you’ll also get a chance to practice your Spanish. Perfecto!

    Sagittarius: Sri Lanka

    Globtrotter extraordinaire you’re going to want to go well off the beaten track on your honeymoon Sagittarius.

    What about shimmying on over to stunning Sri Lanka? The exotic island offers out-of-this-world Indian Ocean coastlines, lush tropical vegetation as well as elephant-filled national parks. What an adventure!

    Capricorn: South America

    Your gregarious nature is going to make you want to go full-on explorer mode for your honeymoon, Capricorn.

    Jetsetter recommends star trekking through the Torres del Paine Glacier in Patagonia. Located in South America, some of this country’s residents actually speak Welsh after immigrants travelled there in the 19th century.

    Aquarius: Iceland

    This eccentric sign is going to want to go somewhere out of the ordinary to celebrate their nuptuals.

    We think Iceland with its rich history and groundbreaking cultural scene will be just the ticket. It’s also on the green list – yay!

    Pisces: Bali

    This spiritual sign will shy away from the glitz and glamour of a traditonal honeymoon.

    Jetsetter recommends the beautiful island of Bali, which offers a diverse culture and tropical weather year round. To tap into the country’s mystery, make Ubud, a magical town known for its rich traditions of music and dance, your base.

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    From floaty and floral to sexy glam, tarot card reader Kerry King reveals the ultimate outfit guide according to your star sign.

    Aries – According to Kerry, you, Aries, have swagger, so think fashion choices which draw attention – athleisurewear works for you.

    Aquarius – Anything is possible for you in your eccentric, bombastic and crazy world of Aquarius fashion. Think astronaut suits, vintage wedding gowns, see-through vests, cat-ear hats, you wear whatever you discover in the closet.

    Scorpio – Being rich, powerful, and in control is in your nature but these traits are reflected in you wardrobe too. Think couture, designer labels and blingy statement-jewellery – you love to “power dress”.Find out about your fashion style here.

  • Maria Hummer



    March 21 to April 20

    The Mercury tendency in your chart today is to speak first, think later – this may not be the best approach, especially at work

    So build in some consideration time to conversations and don’t be rushed.

    There’s a physical sizzle to passion now that sparks excitement everywhere you go, but particularly around “T”.


    April 21 to May 21

    Uranus plus the moon multiplies your personal intrigue power but also means you can be a creature of impulse.

    So be prepared to fall in love today – with a person, a project or a plan for a different future.

    Your prizes profile is emotion-led – go with your feelings in a numbers choice.


    May 22 to June 21

    The deepest heart of a family stays the same, however much things may change. And this is what keeps people close today.

    If you need to take the lead and prove your loyalty, go ahead.

    In passion terms, you are a great bet for future security but you also have a glimmer of mischief that an old flame can’t resist.


    June 22 to July 22

    Neptune clashes with the moon and you can be pulled in two different emotional directions.

    But when you look closer you realise the end results have a lot in common.

    At work, Mars helps you expect what you’re worth rather than what others offer.

    Love is all about you – relax and let yourself be adored.


    July 23 to August 23

    You are making Mars fire your own and can burn through tough tasks that might have daunted you before.

    As soon as you set something up you start your success process.

    In terms of love bonds, patience may not feel easy but it’s what you need now.

    Give someone special space and feel your own heart grow.


    August 24 to September 22

    When different ambitions pile into your chart and your mind it may feel impossible to choose.

    But Mercury’s smokescreen is just that. Wait for the fuss to clear and you will know exactly what to do.

    Venus urges you to tell friends and family how much they mean to you – staying silent may mean people feel left out.


    September 23 to October 23

    A moon of dreams matches with a “try anything” passion planet – so this can be a romantic rollercoaster day.

    Someone you assume is not interested can prove to be the opposite.

    If you are forced to revise a partnership plan, giving it a new shape and timeline can be the best thing.

    Nature sounds link to luck.


    October 24 to November 22

    Maybe your “public face” doesn’t feel like a private fit any more, and you can deal with this today.

    Being your authentic self may shake up bonds at home and work. But never doubt it is the best tactic.

    Scrapping a creative plan and starting again is a drastic step but what happens next can make it so worthwhile.


    November 23 to December 21

    A friend or family member’s success may seem a long way from your life but there can be a place for you in it.

    So dust down your skills, and if you have gaps in knowledge or experience, take steps to fill them.

    Lovewise, you’re a catch and inspire dramatic gestures. Even from long-time lovers.


    December 22 to January 20

    Your chart has a strong sense of moving on – but only when you are ready. So you can set your own schedule right now.

    Planet Uranus is its own boss and so are you.

    Love-wise, your weddings chart glows and the same date question is already in two hearts. Luck waits where secret identities are guessed.


    January 21 to February 18

    Getting deeper into a local contacts group can be your key to solving a home-centred puzzle.

    Plus a bond that never got off the ground first time around can get an emotional boost and fly high.

    How Saturn steadies your confidence is a triumph; this time you find fast and unique answers when put on the spot.


    February 19 to March 20

    A glorious love day for you as the moon and Venus matchmake so well, drawing your eye towards the name, or face, that can be perfect for your future.

    If you are already settled, you step out of your shell and say exactly what you need now, and why.

    Any property-linked glitches are just that – don’t let them stop you.

  • Maria Hummer


    Your Life Path number is considered to be the most influential number in your numerological chart.

    Your Life Path Number is calculated by your date of birth and is considered one of the most important and influential numbers within your entire Numerology Chart.

    Example Birthday: 07 / 03 / 1992

    0 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 31. Then add 3 and 1 together. Their Life Path Number is 4.

  • Maria Hummer


    Zodiac sign tattoos are one of the most popular ink choices especially among celebs.

    Pop diva Rihanna adores the astrological art getting a glyph of her star sign Pisces tattooed behind her right ear in one of her first ink sessions.

    Eco-superstar Jessica Alba also paid close attention to the tattoo trend using her children’s zodiac signs as inspiration to add to her collection of ink.

    Free-spirited Sagittarius Miley Cyrus meanwhile opted to put her gorgeous glyph on the inside of her arm. Hopefully it protected her from all those wrecking balls!

  • Maria Hummer

    What does the 2021 summer solstice mean for YOUR sign?

    THE summer solstice is the longest day of the year and has traditionally marked the beginning of a season that is filled with beauty and abundance.

    Well, it sounds good so far and the fact that this year’s solstice heralds the sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Pisces, we should have a feeling that anything is possible.

    What is the summer solstice?

    The summer solstice, also referred to as Midsommar (have you seen that film?!), occurs when one of the Earth’s poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun.

    It happens twice a year once in each hemisphere and for all of us in the UK, it will occur on June 21 this year.

    According to the Readers Digest, with the sun teaming up with lucky planet Jupiter during this solstice, we’ll feel like anything is possible.

    However, since the sun will be in Cancer and Jupiter will be in Pisces, two emotional water signs, we could be feeling all the feels.

    Let’s find out what this year’s summer solstice means for each sign.


    According to the AstroTwins this solstice is a great time for Aries to focus on their home life.

    Give your mum a call, check in with friends and release any feelings of negativity. It’s all good now.


    If you’ve been spending a little too long Zooming, now’s the time to get out and about Taurus.

    Arrange a get-together with your friends and reconnect with how great it is to be able to see them face to face.


    This summer solstice is asking you to think about your career, Gemini.

    Now, we’re not suggesting you suddenly quit your job and go out in a blaze of glory, but definitely ask yourself if there’s a way you can shimmy up the career ladder.


    The sun is moving into your sign for a month, making this solstice your time to shine, Cancer.

    No dream is too big during this period so come out of your shell and crawl like the wind to your rightful glory!


    Get your body moving Leo and remember you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

    Don’t let anxiety stop you from sleeping at night. Everything will happen when it’s meant to.


    Focus your attention on just a few members of your inner circle this solstice, Virgo.

    Reach out to them, include them in your plans and enjoy the feeling of knowing you’re making someone feel special.


    This solstice is giving you the opportunity to become the ultimate goal digger Libra.

    If those lockdown leggings have become a little snug or you just feel like you’re in a bit of a rut, make a plan of action and get to work girl!


    Promote yourself Scorpio. Whether you’ve got a blog, YouTube channel or side hustle, get yourself out there.

    This is also a great time for romance for you, so if there’s someone you have your eye on let them know. What’s the worst that could happen?


    Know your worth Sagittarius. You could be about to receive a once in a lifetime offer but don’t shoot your arrow until you know it’s worth it.

    It might just be a sprat to catch a mackerel, but it will definitely lead you on to better things.


    Blimey, romance looks good for you this solstice Capricorn.

    You might be moving in together, popping the question or renewing your vows. If you’re looking, let people know you’re out there.


    You’re another sign that might have been popping too many Pringles, Aquarius. We’ve all been there.

    Make a list of your fitness goals and make a plan so you can work towards them sensibly. You’ll thank yourself when you slip seamlessly into that summer dress.


    Don’t let fear get the better of you this solstice Pisces.

    If you’ve got something to say, say it and if there’s someone that needs to know you love them, now’s the time. Courage mon brave!

  • Maria Hummer


    Think your star sign doesn’t affect how wealthy you are? 

    It turns out you may be wrong. Although there are billionaires all over the zodiac, nearly one in FIVE are Libras.

    The second most prosperous sign is Aries, which has nine per cent of people in the top 100, such as internet leader Larry Page. 

    The next best signs are Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn, who are all tied on eight per cent of the top 100. 

    But it’s bad news for entrepreneurial Sagittariuses, as only one person in the top 100 has this sign – Chinese businessman Lei Jun.

  • Maria Hummer


    Astrologer Lisa Stardust and Foxy Bingo have put together a list of perfect trips according to your star sign and you don’t even need to leave the country.

    Gemini: Connected traveller

    Lisa says: “Being a dualistic sign, Geminis like to experience the juxtaposition of the country and the flair of big city life when travelling with their ride or die BFF. Paris is an amazing place to visit once international travel is allowed, as the countryside is a short train ride out of the bustling city giving you both in one trip.” 

    Until Paris is back on the cards, Geminis should try visiting the city of Edinburgh. This way they can enjoy all the best parts of city life while being just a walk away from the beautiful Scottish countryside.

    Aries: Independent traveller

    Lisa says: “As the most passionate sign of the zodiac, Aries will want to travel solo around the world on a budget, while documenting all the seven wonders of the world on Instagram. They’ll have the vigour to make new friends as they explore and see the wonderful places they’ve dreamed of.”  

    While waiting for the world to reopen, Scotland is a great UK destination to get yourself some solo exploration. With sights such as Ben Nevis, Inveraray Castle and the Falkirk Wheel, your Instagram feed will be the envy of all your friends.

  • Maria Hummer


    Similar to astrology, numerology is the belief that the day you were born contributes to your personality.

    The concept gives everyone a “life-path” number that helps to tell you the truth about your personality, your outlook on life and any obstacles you’ll be forced to face.

    Different numbers are associated with different things, with the most powerful numbers believed to be numbers that are paired with the same number.

    For example 11, 22, and 33 are considered “master numbers: and have the “highest potential for success”.

    The number 9, meanwhile, is believed to be the strongest number and its traits include wisdom and enlightenment.

    Find more info on numerology and its purpose here.

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