Here’s How To Get Your Hands On The Salehe Bembury X Crocs

Here’s How To Get Your Hands On The Salehe Bembury X Crocs

Over the past few months, Salehe Bembury has teased his cult-like fans with his upcoming collaboration with Crocs and left us wondering when they will actually release and be available for purchase. Bembury, former Vice President of Sneakers and Men’s Footwear at Versace, is a renowned designer in the sneaker industry and was behind some of the most successful YEEZY silhouettes. Most recently, the American designer has picked up his own collaboration with New Balance, and is working on launching his brand, Spunge. His name now carries substantial weight alone and attracts eager buyers to almost guarantee a sold-out product. 

Today, Crocs posted the first official campaign photo on Instagram and announced that the Crocs Pellox Clog by Salehe Bembury will drop December 14th, but there’s more to it than just pulling up the website and adding the product to your cart. Those who wish to purchase the clog will have to enter a drawing for a chance to purchase Bembury’s Crocs, as quantities are limited, but for veteran sneaker lovers this is no surprise as they are aware of how intense the race can be to secure one unit from a hype release.

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Not only is this upcoming release extremely comfortable as we know Crocs to be due to their iconic 360-degree comfort, but it is also very stylish and fashion forward. Bembury’s Croc features concave ridges made from three of his signature fingerprints merged together. And the innovative design checks off functionality, along with the creative form. The Crocs Pellox Clog was constructed with two adjustable and removable nylon heel straps for outdoor use like hiking trails, and the option to remove straps when wearers want to be free and more casual.

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The Crocs Pellox Clog by Salehe Bembury will be available in two colorways: Cucumber and Menemsha. From December 14th at 11AM EST to December 15th at 11AM EST, you can visit to enter the drawing for a chance to purchase the Salehe Bembury X Crocs Pollex Clog ($84.99). Selected participants will be notified to claim their unit as quantities are limited.

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