Heidi Klum refuses to be 'upstaged' by Sofia Vergara & signs show their rivalry's turned 'very competitive,' says expert | The Sun

Heidi Klum refuses to be 'upstaged' by Sofia Vergara & signs show their rivalry's turned 'very competitive,' says expert | The Sun

COMPETITION on America's Got Talent appears to be heating up — but it may be Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum battling for attention.

According to a body language expert, the hidden rivalry between the TV judges has intensified in the wake of Sofia’s marriage breakdown.

Sofia, 51, and Heidi, 50, frequently offer fans glimpses into their seemingly fun friendship.

Whether it's posting clips online partying or cuddling up as coworkers on AGT, the pair have seemed to get along swimmingly.

But body language expert Judi James has claimed that the relationship between the TV co-stars shows an undercurrent of something more competitive.

She suggested it is the celebrities' subtle gestures that show the judges are at odds.

In an exclusive interview, James told The U.S. Sun: “On Instagram and on AGT, these two judges present themselves as close friends."

Since Sofia’s marriage ended, she went on, the pair have acted like "cheeky kids" with "cute-looking little dance-offs."

“But the women's subtler signals suggest this is a relationship that has become very competitive lately.

“There is an undercurrent of rivalry.

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“Heidi and Sofia have a knack for camera-hogging or competing anyway.

“But given Sofia’s marriage breakdown, you might expect Heidi to give her so-called friend the lion’s share of the attention.

“And for a while at least until she recovers.”

A September 6 clip shared on Instagram panned in on Sofia dancing.

The mom of one wriggled enthusiastically behind her judge's seat on set.

Wearing a yellow and black bodycon the Columbian actress pouted at the camera. Co-host Heidi grinned in front.

James claimed Sofia was fighting harder than normal for camera time.

“Sofia tried to grab all the attention,” she said. “Then Heidi made a gesture to get the attention back on her.

“Given Sofia's divorce, it might have been nice for Heidi to let Sofia win for once and show her a gesture of support.

“This was surprising.

“Heidi looked wide eyes into the camera and treated the camera like her own personal dance partner. 

“Sofia responded by biting her lower lip sexily and wiggling her bum harder.

“When she went for a second wiggle and lifted her arms, Heidi had enough of being upstaged.

"She flung her arm out in a barrier gesture which covered Sofia’s torso and brought the camera back on herself.”

Another clip posted on Instagram on September 5 shows the German supermodel eating wafer cookies with Sofia during a commercial break. 

James noted the women's behavior looked unusual.

“The wafer-sharing looked less mutual," she explained. 

“Heidi already had her own wafers out of the packet and held them stored in her hands.

“Sofia held the packet out but then pulled her own wafers out one after another without pausing. 

“Every child knows that sharing means taking turns, not stockpiling.”

In the aftermath of her divorce, Sofia appears to have been putting on a brave face for the camera.

During a September 12 AGT episode, her resolve broke: Sofia walked off set after Howie Mandel made a comment about her being single.

The actress split from her husband, Joe Manganiello, 46, in July when the True Blood actor filed for divorce.

As reported by The U.S. Sun, Joe was spotted on Wednesday leaving Gold's Gym in Venice, California with actress Caitlyn O'Connor, 33.

By contrast, Heidi’s personal life has been going from strength to strength.

After divorcing Seal in 2014, Klum started dating musician Tom Kaulitz, 33, in 2018. 

The couple married in 2019 and seem more in love than ever.

James said the women might have different personal situations, but neither should step on each other’s toes at work. 

“The worst thing you can do to a celebrity when working on a TV show is grab any of their screen time," she said.

“Putting Heidi and Sofia on one show in a dual role was always going to spell trouble.

“Sofia is the kind of star who makes you forget everyone else she is working with.

“She very naturally tried to dominate every show.”

Sofia joined AGT in 2020, while Heidi was recruited in 2013. The mom-of-four replaced Sharon Osbourne. 

“Heidi can always be louder than Sofia on AGT, " explained James.

“She has been more animated and determined when it comes to scene-stealing. 

“These two have their own techniques when it comes to getting attention and different approaches to the camera.

“Sofia turns on sexual signals while Heidi gets more extroverted.

"Heidi sits upright with her eyes almost commanding the camera's attention.

“She always poses with at least one hand flat on the desk to suggest firmness and a love of control.

“Sofia tends to lean on one arm with a wide, friendly smile that flirts more with the camera.


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“Sometimes when Sofia tries to gatecrash any photos, Heidi tries to move closer to the camera with a perfect smile.

“Sofia might then lean over and push her face further into these shots to be at the center.”

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