Gutless’ man sparks outrage with ‘to do’ list written on his hand | The Sun

Gutless’ man sparks outrage with ‘to do’ list written on his hand | The Sun

A MAN’S to-do list has gone viral after being spotted by a fellow train passenger.

After being shared on TikTok by podcasters Mike and Emma, the video has now been seen by over 1.3 million people, and is causing quite a stir on the app.

The video shows the anonymous man scratching the back of his neck, but it’s what’s written on his hand that’s got Emma’s attention.

On his hand he’s written the sentence ‘send break-up email’.

In the video’s voiceover, Emma jokes: “Note to self: don’t forget to send that breakup email”, while text on the clip asks, “is this the most gutless way to break up with someone?”

“This is the most heartless way to break up with someone,” wrote one commenter.

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While another added: “EMAIL??? not even a call or text?? DAMN, That's cold.”

“Imagine the sign off… Live, laugh, I don't love you” joked another TikTok user.

However, not everyone was critical of the man, with many arguing that there’s no proof that the note was in regard to a romantic relationship, and could instead be related to a job.

“Note to self: don’t run to assume. This could be a termination of a business agreement : contract break etc”, wrote one such commenter.

And another added: “I’m almost positive that this has nothing to do with relationships and is work related. ‘Breakup or breakdown’ is a term used in sales or construction.”

“Assumptions. Could be a break up party or meeting for any number of things. Not once have me or my partner sent each other an email…” argued a third.

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While one user even suggested that if it was a breakup of a romantic relationship, perhaps he still shouldn’t be judged, posting: “Or maybe there’s a reason he’s got to do it over email rather than in person.”

Well whatever may be the truth, we’re definitely no longer writing out to-do lists on our hands.

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