Gross video shows exactly how dirty your ‘clean’ clothes are – and it’s really easy to test at home

Gross video shows exactly how dirty your ‘clean’ clothes are – and it’s really easy to test at home

THERE'S nothing quite like getting through a huge pile of laundry knowing you now have a wardrobe full of fresh, clean clothes.

But how clean are they REALLY? As a women reveals just how much dirt is still lurking in her 'clean' clothes after strip washing everything.

TikTok user Steph demonstrated the popular washing method by soaking her clothes in the bathtub for up to six hours.

She wrote: "The most satisfying and disgusting thing you'll ever do," and captioned the video saying: "wait to see how disgusting your clothes really are. What should I clean next?

The method of strip washing is much like regular soaking, however, the results are far more satisfying – according to fellow 'strip washers'.

While people prefer to tweak their method occasionally,  it usually consists of adding washing powder, baking soda and Borax to a very hot tub of water, then after the water turns cold,  running the item through the wash – if washing smaller items such as clothing.

While the tub is filling up, Steph adds one part borax, one part baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda and two parts washing powder.

She takes the clothes straight from her wardrobe, starting with her pants, and chucks them straight in the water-filled tub.

Next she add her tops and let's it all soak in the water for four to six hours, mixing it every hour.

In that time, you'll see the water turn a gross shade of brown from all the dirt finally being released from the fabric fibres – and it's enough to make your stomach churn .

Who knew your clean clothes could still be so disgusting?

The strip-washing cleaning method is pretty popular, with many often soaking kids toys, bedding and even rugs.

With smaller items such as clothes, it's common to run them through the washing machine once removing them from the bathtub too, to ensure all the washing product has been removed.

How to do a strip wash

  1. Fill a bathtub or bucket with boiling hot water
  2. Add washing powder, laundry detergent or borax – adjust the amounts depending on how much water you're using
  3. Ad your clothes and let them soak
  4. Stir every few hours
  5. Leave to soak for as long as possible, ideally 24 hours
  6. Remove and rinse them in the washing machine
  7. Dry as normal

One mum also shows how she strip washes her duvet – but gets instantly slammed for stockpiling cleaning products.

And another mum strip washes daughter’s nine-year-old toy dog which ‘looks like roadkill’ and is amazed at the results.

And a woman strip washes her rug using fabric softener and the disgusting result will give you the shivers.

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