Game Of Thrones-obsessed parents name their daughters after the show’s most powerful characters, including Daenerys, Arya and Khaleesi

Game Of Thrones-obsessed parents name their daughters after the show’s most powerful characters, including Daenerys, Arya and Khaleesi

FANS of the hit TV show Game of Thrones are ensuring their favourite characters never die – by naming their children after them.

The fantasy franchise is finally drawing to an end, but a new generation of Daenerys', Khalessi's and Arya's have emerged as a result, ensuring the show's legacy lasts forever.

As the last ever season of Game of Thrones airs, figures have revealed the lasting impact the show has had with hundreds of children given GOT-inspired names.

In England, one popular name to emerge is Arya, one of Ned Stark's feisty offspring.

It's now the 164th most popular name in England and Wales, and ranks 174th in Northern Ireland, but it's 98th most popular in Scotland.

The most recent figures show 402 girls were christened Arya, played by Maisie Williams, in 2017.

That figure has steadily risen over the years, from 64 in 2011 – when the series first aired – to 358 in 2016.

In total, 1,782 girls have been named after the plucky assassin since the first episode.

In December 2017, one of those parents was Marina and Andrew Lippincott, from New Jersey, USA.

They named their daughter Arya Lippincott, with 41-year-old Marina, a software engineer, saying: "Our whole family is obsessed with Game of Thrones.

"We dress up and often throw Game of Thrones marathon parties.

"I was doing IVF so I knew almost right away when I was pregnant with my daughter.

"Some of my friends thought I was crazy naming her after a fantasy character but I really didn't care."

The mum-of-three added some people were shocked, but said: "My friends got over it though and they threw me a Game of Thrones themed baby shower with dragon cupcakes and my own Iron Throne."

Khaleesi, one of the names Daenerys Targaryen goes by, has also risen in popularity.

In 2017 84 girls were given the moniker in the UK, up from 73 the previous year.

Since the series began eight years ago, 371 babies have been named after the Mother of Dragons, played by Emilia Clarke.

Some parents have gone a step further and double-barrelled it, with a Khaleesi-Destiny, a Khaleesi-Grace, and five Khaleesi-Rosesborn.

Another one is Khaleesi Sky, who was named after the character by mum Jasmine Estrada, 38, from Miami.

Born in 2013, she said: "I was pregnant and I was struggling to come up with a name for my baby girl and my mom suggested Khaleesi.

"I started watching the show after that and I became obsessed.

"Everyone who is a fan of Game of Thrones recognizes her name and they think it's cool."

Daenerys itself is also a popular choice, with Christine, 33, and Daniel Marshall, 29, of Ontario, Canada, picking the name for their baby daughter in 2017.

Obsessed with the books long before they made it to our screens, mum-of-three Christine said: "I read the book long before the show came out in 2011 and Daenerys has always been my favorite character.

"She is a bad ass, take no s**t character and I would love for my daughter to embody those qualities.

"When we found out I was expecting a girl, there was absolutely no discussion about what her name would be."

Arya's sister, Sansa, has also proved popular with parents.

There have been 45 girls names after Sophie Turner's character, as well as 30 named Catelyn, 20 called Talisa, 12 Brienne's, and 10 baby Ellaria's.

Some other popular characters which have proved a hit are Tyrion, played by Peter Dinklage, with 66 given the name since 2011.

Theon, played by Alfie Allen, proved more popular, with 151 Theon's born since the show began.

And there have also been 47 Bran's, 19 Sandor's and four named Khal.

Figures come from the Office for National Statistics figures for England and Wales, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, and National Records Scotland.

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