Foodie shares super cheesy Air Fryer snack she makes in under 10 minutes – and it’s only two ingredients | The Sun

Foodie shares super cheesy Air Fryer snack she makes in under 10 minutes – and it’s only two ingredients | The Sun

YOU probably already know how many sumptuous snacks you can make using your Air Fryer.

Well, this might just be the best one yet – it's only two ingredients and will be ready to eat in under 10 minutes.

The simple recipe was shared on TikTok by Gal Shua-Haim (@somethingnutritious) and it's left our stomachs rumbling.

To make the cheesy snack, all you need it a couple of plain flor tortillas and any cheese you like, but something like mozzarella you can pull apart is best.

Cut your round tortilla wraps in half and cut your cheese in to long baton shapes.

You could even use pro made string cheese if you wanted to make this snack even quicker.


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Then place the cheese at one end of the tortilla and roll it up so it's nice and snug.

Then just place into your Air Fryer tray – you can brush them with some butter or oil to help them crisp up more too.

And if you want to go a step further why not add a sprinkle of seasoning to give them a kick?

The foodie used a bit of pizza flavoured seasoning on hers, but you could use garlic and herbs, peri-peri or any other flavour combination that strikes your fancy.

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Then Air Fry for 8-9 minutes at around 150°C or until the tortillas are golden brown and these cheese is perfectly gooey.

You can dip them into some salsa or any other sauce you like and enjoy.

Fellow foodies couldn't get enough of the quick and easy recipe and were desperate to try it out and put their own spin on it.

One person commented: "Ok here me out, mini pepperoni too."

A second said: "Mmmmm a bit of garlic butter over the top of them before the pizza sprinkle!"

Someone else wrote: "Oh I am absolutely trying this wow."

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