EXCLUSIVE: Eiza González Is Bulgari’s First Latin American Ambassador for North America

EXCLUSIVE: Eiza González Is Bulgari’s First Latin American Ambassador for North America

Bulgari has named Eiza González as its first Latin American ambassador for the North American market. The rising Mexican actress, who has appeared in critically acclaimed films like “I Care A Lot” and “Baby Driver” will appear in promotional images, at events, on the company’s social media and more.

“While growing up, it was really hard to find women who looked like me in ads or billboards. So the fact that young Latinas around the world can see an immigrant woman like them be part of a family like Bulgari and feel represented is what matters to me. I am grateful for Bulgari’s active choice of choosing diversity and I’m excited to venture with them in expanding the conversation and inspiring new generations to follow their dreams. It’s an absolute honor,” said González.

Currently, she is set to appear in promotional images for exclusive distribution in the U.S. — where the large population of Latin American residents are often overlooked in luxury brand marketing strategies.

The actress added that she hopes her presence in luxury ad campaigns for a company like Bulgari will help spread the word and ignite interest in the customs and culture of Latin America. “Our culture is so special. Latin America is rich in culture, optimism, celebration of tradition and the epitome of hard work. It’s about passing along knowledge from one generation to the next. I’m here thanks to the hard work of my family and trailblazing women dedicating their lives to expand and breaking boundaries. I hope that as a brand ambassador and through the work I get to do over the next few years, it will show that the contemporary Latin woman is multifaceted not only as an actress but as an advocate, producer and a fierce believer in championing our culture,” she told WWD.

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González’s career has been heating up, with the actress predicted to be a future A-lister by celebrity gossip columns and Instagram accounts. The actress currently has more than 7 million Instagram followers and will next appear alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the Michael Bay film “Ambulance.”

González said she has a particular interest in Bulgari as a brand because, “I like that they’re a brand that feels multidimensional for the modern woman. When wearing their jewels it allows me to explore different versions of myself while being true to their designs. They’ve found a beautiful way to keep growing and be innovative as a brand without changing their essence.”

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