Don't bother dieting if you want to lose weight in New Year – 'eat normally' instead, nutritionist urges

Don't bother dieting if you want to lose weight in New Year – 'eat normally' instead, nutritionist urges

IF you want to lose weight in the New Year you should "eat normally" and "ditch the diets", one nutritionist has claimed.

Over the festive period many of us over indulge and in turn set out to shed the pounds that may have crept onto the scales.

One expert has now claimed that this New Year you should say no to diets and cleanses.

Nutritionist Colleen Christensen has previously slammed diets and cleanses on her Instagram page.

Posting to her 169,000 followers, Colleen said restricting your food will set you off on a "vicious cycle".

In her post she asked followers if they had been "running off Christmas treats all week".

She said: "If you’re wondering how to get “back on track” with your eating habits here is my answer: eat normally.

"You don’t need to do some crazy juice cleanse to detoxify you from all of the holiday goodies you’ve had.

"A.) They’re not poison and B.) we have these things called a liver, kidneys and other organs that do a pretty darn good job at that."

She joked that if you're looking to "eat clean" then you should just wash the dirtoff your begetables before you eat them.

She continued: "Beyond that, eat normally and you’ll be good to do! Restricting or limiting foods will only set you up for entering the vicious restrict-binge cycle."

Colleen promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle on her page and said that she hates the term "back on track" and that food enjoyed at Christmas "shouldn't be seen as a setback".

Instead, she said, it should be seen as "part of this fabulous life we are living".


The nutritionist reassured her followers that a balanced diet includes periods of time where you will overeat and indulge.

Listening to your body, she said, is important as this way you won't "micromanage" your lifestyle.

She added: "If you’re tempted to start a detox repeat after me “No.”

Her Instagram page features a range of resources she has developed to help people with their diet and nutrition goals.

Colleen also highlighted six New Year reminders for people who might be wanting to lose weight after the festive season.

The rules included tips such as "cleanses create expensive pee" and "skinny does not equal healthy".

She said while there is always "pressure" to diet, that you don't have to give into it.

Colleen said there are ways to stop using food to control your emotions.

She added: "You CAN learn to stop hating the body you have."

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