CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga on

CoppaFeel! founder Kris Hallenga on

That last bit might just be me. You may be enjoying as many Christmas events as possible right now, so cheers to that!

Recently I have been getting really into this thing called “sound healing”.

You know how much I like to dabble in all the therapies that may help to soothe my mind and body as I continue to traverse the land of cancer.

Now this is a therapy that you can believe in or not – but you get to chill out to the max under a blanket and maybe even snooze, so what’s not to love?

We all know how good music can be for our spirits. We can be transported to a really happy place by the right tune.

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Healing with sound is believed to date back to Ancient Greece, when music was used to try to cure mental disorders.

Throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively (it’s amazing what Magic FM can do to productivity at Boob HQ), and even ward off evil spirits by chanting.

More recently, research at McGill University in Canada found it may boost immune function and lower stress levels.

I tested this theory by attending a couple of group sessions where different types of sound healing were used.

Singing bowls produced a deep, penetrating sound that helps to repair the mind.

The sound healer also used a tuning fork to apply different vibrations to different body parts, which can help release tension.

Thirdly, she played a gong, which I think was my favourite.

It can transport you to a very deep and relaxed state, which was very much needed given my recent brain treatment.

There was a lot of worry, anxiety and stress I needed to let go of – and lying on a mat surrounded by lovely sounds helped that.

At a risk of you thinking I am edging ever closer to hippy status, just know it’s a non-invasive, inexpensive, convenient and completely natural therapy.

If you suffer from stress and a racing mind – which is, frankly all of us – maybe it’s time you gave it a go too? If nothing else, you can have a guilt-free nap.

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