Clever trick reveals your personality secrets in seconds – so are you an over-thinker or do you have a quick temper? | The Sun

Clever trick reveals your personality secrets in seconds – so are you an over-thinker or do you have a quick temper? | The Sun

A CLEVER trick can tell you what personality type you are just by the way you ball your hand into a fist.

Mia Yilin took to her TikTok page to share a video explaining the "quick hack to reveal your true personality".

She instructed viewers to raise their right hands and put into a fist.

"If you placed your thumb beneath your other fingers, then you have a Type 1 personality," Mia said.

"Such people are intelligent, peaceful and very respectful.

"They are also emotionally sensitive and tend to overthink.

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"Because they have a soft heart, they often choose to remain silent or even self sacrifice to prevent others from getting hurt."

In their relationships, those with a Type 1 personality "care a lot about the other person's attitude, and if it seems like they're not taking things seriously, then this person won't hesitate to leave".

"What this person wishes for the most is someone who truly understands them," Mia concluded.

But if you put your thumb on top of your other fingers, you have a Type 2 personality.

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"These people are quick-thinking, happy to help others and super imaginative," she explained.

"They lack patience and, as a result, aren't super detail orientated.

"On the outside, these people may seem very outgoing but in reality they have a quick temper but are just good at concealing their emotions.

"However, sometimes their emotional suppression can lead to outbursts of frustration and anger."

Mia also said these kind of people are actually "pretty shy and introverted", adding: "If it feels like they like you 50% they probably already like you over 80%."

People were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on Mia's analysis, with one writing: "Wow, that's true!"

"Type 2 and it's so me," another added.

"Why are you soooo accurate?" someone else questioned.

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