Cleaning fans reveal very cheap way to get rid of ants in your garden – and it costs just £1

Cleaning fans reveal very cheap way to get rid of ants in your garden – and it costs just £1

THERE'S no denying that a glimpse of sunshine has put a spring in our step.

But with the sunny weather comes the unwanted flies, creepy crawlies and perhaps the most dreaded of all – ant infestations.

But luckily for homeowners, avid gardeners have raved about a rather surprising baby product which they claim helps to get rid of ants without the use of harmful chemicals.

And best of all – it costs as little as £1.

One woman, who posted to a Facebook group created for Mrs Hinch fans, wrote: “ANTS. I seem to have the problem each year.

“My kids refuse to play in the garden because it’s swarming with ants.


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“Thinking early this year. Do any of you have foolproof remedies aside from the usual vinegar and hot water, which I might add do absolutely nothing to them?

“I’ve noticed by my back gate there’s already swarms of them under my neighbour’s rubbish bin.


“I suspect that’s the root cause and I never noticed before as that’s right near the usual entry point.”

And the post was quickly flooded with suggestions – with talcum powder proving to be the most popular answer.

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“Talcum powder! If you know where they are coming in?" advised one.

“We had them keep getting in our kitchen and when we found where they were coming in, we popped a bit down and never had them again.

“Obviously, it might be a bit harder being outside.

“But if you can see them by your back gate, sprinkle a load of powder down (bonus is it’s safe for kids and pets).”

A second agreed: “Orange peel in vinegar for two weeks, then pour into a spray bottle.“

It won't kill them, but they don't like it.

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“I have also used talcum powder as they won't cross it.”

A third enthused: “Talcum powder is good.”

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