Cleaning expert reveals the surprising items you should be scrubbing monthly & how to banish scuff marks for good

Cleaning expert reveals the surprising items you should be scrubbing monthly & how to banish scuff marks for good

A CLEANING expert has revealed the surprising things you should be scrubbing MONTHLY around your home, and the list may shock you.

Cleaning guru Laura Mountford, aka @lauracleanaholic, has shared her top tips for getting your home “hosting ready” now that restrictions have eased. 

Here are the must-clean areas we often tend to forget, from Laura’s Home Clean Home guide, which she made in collaboration with appliance company AEG….

Under sofa and top of cabinets

It’s easy to miss those places that are ‘out of sight, out of mind’, such as on top of cabinets and under the sofa.

Laura recommends finding a vacuum cleaner that can do both areas easily.

She advised getting a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a telescopic reach tool that can be attached to the handheld unit, making it easier to clean those high, hard-to-reach places.


Dust can easily build up between blinds, vents or at the base of kitchen units and furniture.

Laura said: “Utilising the attachment on your vacuum, allows you to quickly clean any dusty surface, which can easily trap dirt, dust and grime. 

“It’s a simple way to ‘clean up’ before guests arrive.”

Coffee maker

We all know that the coffee maker is the heart of the house for many families.

Laura said you should frequently scrub this well-loved machine, as it creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. 

She said: “Once a month, you should fill the reservoir with a tablespoon of white vinegar mixed with water for an easy clean. 

“Make sure you run the machine with water before you make yourself a cup – you don’t want to have vinegar flavoured coffee!”

Walls and skirting boards

How often do we clean carpets but neglect walls and skirting boards?

Laura said you can use products you have in your home already to bring the walls back to their former glory. 

She advised: “Start with a mild washing up liquid, mixed with warm water. With a damp cloth, gently rub off the marks. 

“If you need something stronger, you can create a paste with baking soda.”

Clean in a clockwise direction

Many people have their own cleaning techniques, but Laura said she prefers a clockwise strategy.

She said: “Divide and conquer the space – it’s easy to waste time cleaning by going back over the same spot. 

“Divide the room like a clock and move clockwise around the room. 

“When you find an item out of place, put it in a basket and move it with you around the room. 

“Return it to the right spot once you reach the right location. If anything belongs in another room, take them back after you’ve finished the room.”

Pre-clean the room

Laura explained: “This may sound crazy, but it will make cleaning so much easier to get the job done. 

“Run a dry microfiber cloth over the surface to remove any dust and dirt. 

“This will prevent anything from sticking to the surface when you spray the cleaner. 

“The same goes for the floors. 

“Vacuum before using a mop, so your efforts are focused on removing the marks and not the dirt.”

Carpets, rugs, sofas and cushions

Soft furnishings and upholstery such as carpets, rugs, sofas and cushions can stubbornly cling onto pet hair deep into the fabric, making it difficult for vacuum cleaners to tackle. 

Laura advised: “The AEG Cordless Animal Vacuums with their powerful PetPro nozzles have been designed specifically to rid your soft furnishings of dog and cat fur.”

The air

It may sound silly, but the air in your house should also get some attention.

Laura explained: “Using an air purifier is an effective way to help reduce harmful air pollutants that are found indoors. 

“The AEG Air Purifiers are equipped with a multi-stage purification system, making them highly effective against the most common airborne irritants of fine particles, bacteria and odours.”

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