Camilla arrives in ‘amazing’ green for COP26 in Glasgow – ‘I see what she did there’

Camilla arrives in ‘amazing’ green for COP26 in Glasgow – ‘I see what she did there’

Camilla to step in and help Queen during absence

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Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall was wearing an emerald green top and skirt, appropriately chosen for the conference focused on fixing the environment and creating a sustainable future. The Duchess’s top was buttoned down the front, and her matching emerald green skirt was knee length with a straight-fitting cut. To help with the cold November weather, Camilla could be seen wearing a black blazer, as well as black gloves, tights, and boots to keep her warm up in Scotland for the occasion.

The Duchess and Prince Charles were both appropriately wearing poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day, which falls on November 11.

Camilla also wore a matching black handbag, remarkably similar to the Launer handbags often worn by the Queen at royal engagements.

The Queen, who was due to attend the COP26 Conference, pulled out of the event under her doctor’s orders to rest.

Camilla, according to many royal commentators, will be doing many more royal engagements in the future to step in for the Queen amid her absences.

Twitter user Andrew Christison loved Camilla’s green outfit, appropriately chosen for the environmental event, writing: “I see what she did there!”

Instagram user @khatrina54321 added in agreement: “Camilla looks amazing.”

Prince Charles is expected to make a speech at the COP26 conference, where he will talk about needing a “war-like footing” to help solve climate change.

More to follow…

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