Busy mum divides opinion by sharing ‘genius’ hack to ensure she never runs out of milk for her cuppa

Busy mum divides opinion by sharing ‘genius’ hack to ensure she never runs out of milk for her cuppa

A BUSY mum has unveiled a handy hack to ensure she never runs out of milk for her much-loved cup of tea – but it’s left people majorly divided. 

TikTok user @twinklparents, who has amassed over 22,000 followers, got everyone talking when she revealed she makes milk ice cubes so that she’s never in the situation where she realises she’s out of milk when half-way through making a cuppa.

Describing it as something that people would “either love or hate,” she went on to share how she came up with the controversial trick. 

She explained: “Running out of milk when you’re gasping for a cuppa is the worst. So to prevent this happening, I’ve got a hack.

“Grab yourself an ice cube bag, or an ice cube tray – I prefer a bag because then it doesn’t give you that freezer-tained smell.

“Then, when you’ve run out of milk and you’re desperate, pop it in your tea. It might not be as hot as you like, but it’s still a good cuppa. Ta-dah!” 

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However, as the TikToker predicted, her milk method sparked controversy, as hundreds of people flocked to the comment section to voice their opinion. 

While many dubbed the tea hack as “genius” and “perfect”, others were less convinced – pointing out that it has one huge downfall. 

One said: “Surely it’d make the tea really cold?” Another agreed, writing: “And then you have iced tea!!”

A third added: “Luke warm tea!” While someone else quipped: “I have another hack. Buy another bottle.”

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Meanwhile, others suggested they would be trying it out, but that they would defrost the ice cube first so as not to alter the temperature. 

One said: “Great idea for freezing it, but thaw first, don’t put iced milk into hot tea.” 

However, @twinklparents assured her followers that it hadn’t caused her a huge issue, replying: “If you like it hot then absolutely, surprisingly didn’t cool it down as much as you’d think.”

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The mum, who has a toddler, later encouraged others to give it a go and join “Team milk cubes” explaining: “When you’re a parent, it’s not that easy [to go out for a milk run.] 

“Trust me a milk run is bliss, any excuse. But sometimes you’re on your own with a sleeping toddler.” 

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