Bride says niece isn't welcome at her wedding if she wears a superhero costume

Bride says niece isn't welcome at her wedding if she wears a superhero costume

‘I told them to keep shopping. Do people really not understand what to wear to weddings?’.

The bride’s comments were shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group, sparking debate over whether the bride was in the right to kick off about her niece wearing a superhero outfit to the wedding.

Some sided firmly with the bride: ‘You have to be such a narcissistic adult to allow your precious little princess to do this,’ wrote one.

Others questioned what was so wrong about the dress, suggesting the stars actually made the outfit look quite jazzy and wedding appropriate.

There’s a big debate still going on in the comments about whether the child is just a guest or part of the wedding party. The general consensus seems to be that if she’s a bridesmaid or similar she should wear what the bride wants, as she’ll be in all the pictures, but if she’s just a guest she can wear whatever superhero outfit she likes.

One woman commented: ‘Unless the kid is in the wedding does it really matter what they wear? They’re going to be bored, wanting to leave the entire time and probably not participating in much. I don’t see how it would impact anything to let them wear something fun and comfortable.’

Another said: ‘Okay but is it possible here that – bear with me – the grandparents got this dress thinking “this is a lovely dress!” without any realisation of it being a superhero inspired outfit?

‘That it might actually be a pretty dress, and the only reason people are losing their minds is because they KNOW it’s a superhero themed one?

‘If OP didn’t know it was superhero related, would she still be as upset, or is this purely being deemed inappropriate because of the stigma that comes with dressing up as a character?’

No one thought the outfit was justification to un-invite the niece from the wedding.

But what do you think?

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