Bride lets her bridesmaids pick their own dresses with NO rules… but the result is totally dividing opinion

Bride lets her bridesmaids pick their own dresses with NO rules… but the result is totally dividing opinion

AT LEAST one bridesmaid ends up upset over the style of dress they have to wear on their friend's big day.

That's why one bride decided to let all of her bridesmaids pick their own style and colour of dress.

Kelsey, from the US had her wedding at Florida Keys and decided to let her bridesmaids pick their own dresses, with no rules.

She shared her special day and what her bridesmaids wore on her TikTok account, hikels, and the video has gone viral with over three million views.

The relaxed bride trusted her bridesmaids to pick dresses that would suit them.

It's true that we look our most confident when we feel confident, and you could tell each bridesmaid felt great in their chosen dresses.

Every dress varied in style and colour, from lemon yellow to hot pink, halter necks to one-shouldered.

The bride loved the results and wrote in the caption: "My bridesmaids killed it."

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But viewers who saw the video were divided in the comments, with some people claiming it reminded them of going to prom rather than a wedding.

One wrote: "This looks like prom pics… I love the idea but I just am getting high school flashbacks I’m sorry!"

Another person added: "It’s giving 2009 prom."

Many users said they liked the concept but thought it would look better if they'd all stuck to one colour.

A third person wrote: "I can’t believe there were seven girls and none thought it would be a good idea to do a similar vibe or coordinate."

"My bride did something similar, except we all had to pick any dress we wanted but in the colour that she chose, and I think it’s the best solution." Another user replied.

Other users absolutely loved the concept, one exclaimed: "Am I the only one that loves this. I hate how uniform and stiff most bridal parties look.

Another commented: "LOVE this!! Looks super chic and fun, y’all did awesome!"

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