Behold, the Only Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Beauty Bag

Behold, the Only Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Beauty Bag

Many beauty junkies will tell you that the amazing makeup products you may or may not have spent a fortune on are nothing unless you have the right beauty tools to apply it. But with what seems like a million different makeup brushes to choose from, it can be hard to sift through all the options and find the very best. We’re tired of wasting money on makeup brushes that don’t hold up (i.e. lose their bristles in less than a month or don’t keep their shape after being washed), so we decided to search high and low for the best ones on the market.

To help us crown the winners, we looked through tons of customer reviews on Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon to bring you everything from the best foundation brush to the best eyeshadow brush. And as it turns out, the higher the price of the brush doesn’t necessarily guarantee better quality. Read on to shop the best makeup brushes for every budget, and get ready to start feeling like a pro makeup artist.

Best Foundation Brush

High-End Option: Morphe Deluxe Makeup Buffer Brush M439

Everyone’s seeking that flawless finish, and the Morphe Deluxe Buffer brush will deliver just that. The brush’s dense, duo-fiber bristles are shaped like a dom, making it easy to buff on liquid, powder, or cream foundation to get that Instagram-worthy, filter-free complexion. It has over 200 positive reviews on Ulta, and is loved by tons of beauty gurus including Jaclyn Hill and James Charles — so you know it’s worth it. 

Buy It! $14;

Budget-Friendly Option: Lamora Foundation Makeup Brush Flat Top Kabuki

With over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon — including praise from professional makeup artists — this flat top foundation brush from Lamora takes the win for the best affordable foundation brush. It can be used as a stippling brush to apply powder, or to blend out liquid and cream foundations. Either way you use it, Lamora (and tons of customers who swear by this product) guarantees it’ll leave your skin looking airbrushed.

Buy It! $9.90;

Best Concealer Brush

High-End Option: Marc Jacobs Beauty The Conceal – Full Cover Correcting Brush No. 4

Covering up tired eyes can be tricky, unless you have a great concealer and brush to apply it! Enter: Marc Jacobs’ Full Cover Correcting Brush, the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed in your beauty arsenal. The brush’s innovative angles help to expertly conceal everything from dark circles to blemishes in one smooth application. Plus, over 10,000 customers have added this brush to their “loved” products on Sephora, which means it’s bound to be worth the cost.

Buy It! $30,

Budget-Friendly Option: Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush

Real Techniques has become a leader in the industry for its inexpensive, quality brushes, like this Expert Concealer Brush. Its dense, rounded bristles provide a natural buff so you can expertly apply and blend concealer. It’s definitely worth adding to your beauty arsenal — just take it from the 3,000+ happy Amazon customers who have given it rave reviews.

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Best Powder Brush

High-End Option: Hourglass Veil Powder Brush

Two for one is always a plus, especially when it’s a makeup brush with a dual purpose — which is why you need this Veil Powder Brush. It’s double sided so you can effortlessly set your face with just one brush. Use the tapered side to set your under eyes and the rounded side for all-over powder application. More than 300 Sephora customers have raved about it in reviews on the site, and one claims it to be one of the “softest, most gentle brushes [she’s] ever used.”

Buy It! $64;

Budget-Friendly Option: Real Techniques Powder Brush

A flawless complexion isn’t complete until you set it with powder, and over 1,000 Ulta customers suggest investing in the Real Techniques Powder Brush to achieve that look. Dip the brush into loose powder or pressed powder and dust over the entire face. It’s plush bristles help powder glide on perfectly so you can get a pixel-perfect finish.

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Best Blush Brush

High-End Option: Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

If you’ve ever skipped blush in your beauty routine in fear you’ll look like a clown, tons of Sephora customers will tell you that it’s not possible when you use Bobbi Brown’s Blush Brush. The award-winning brush has luxuriously soft bristles that are designed to pick up and deposit the perfect amount of pigment on the cheeks.

Buy It! $60;

Budget-Friendly Option: Ecotools Precision Blush

Whether you use cream or powder blush, the Ecotools Precision Blush brush — which has over 1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon — will allow you to easily blend it out. The square cut bristles are designed to help control the placement of pigment on the cheeks, giving you a contoured look.

Buy It! $6.25 (orig. $7.99);

Best Contour Brush

High-End Option: Becca The One Perfecting Brush

Contour like a pro makeup artist with Becca’s The One Perfecting Brush. The brush’s bristles are packed horizontally so you can swipe on a clean line of bronzer and buff it out to achieve the perfect contoured cheekbones. Plus, fully reap the benefits of this beauty multitasker by using it from start to finish in your makeup routine. Over 20,000 Sephora customers love this brush, so there’s no doubt it’s worth the higher price point.

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Budget-Friendly Option: Japonesque Contour & Highlighting Brush

Chisel out your cheekbones with Japonesque’s Contour and Highlight Brush! Its natural fibers are shaped to offer the best control so you can precisely place pigments. Plus, you can use the brush to apply highlighter, giving you that Kim Kardashian-worthy contour.

Buy It! $19,

Best Eyeshadow Brush

High-End Option: Bobbi Brown Eye Blender Brush

To create the perfect eye look, you need a brush that expertly blends out pigments. Bobbi Brown’s Eye Blender Brush is a go-to choice for over 5,700 customers who have “loved” the brush on Sephora’s website. With its long, fluffy bristles, you can buff out a smokey eye just as easily as you can achieve a neutral everyday look. As an added bonus, the brush can be used to set concealer.

Buy It! $39;

Budget-Friendly Option: NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective brush to effortlessly apply eyeshadow, the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Blending Brush is the one you need to add to your cart ASAP. The brush features long, rounded bristles so you can blend bold shadows and achieve a soft focus. Ulta customers love it so much, one even said it’s “reached Holy Grail status” in her collection.

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