Beauty fan reveals £8 Boots dupe to race and buy as it’s a twin for a Charlotte Tilbury essential | The Sun

Beauty fan reveals £8 Boots dupe to race and buy as it’s a twin for a Charlotte Tilbury essential | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has unveiled a bargain alternative for one of Charlotte Tilbury's most iconic lipsticks.

The woman, called Melissa, revealed how an £8 Boots make-up buy was almost identical, in what TikTok users are calling the "best dupe I've seen".

In a post, the woman shared how she had "finally found the best dupe" for Charlotte Tilbury's 'pillow talk' lipstick, which costs £27 from Feel Unique.

She insisted that L'Oréal Paris' Colour Riche lipstick in shade 173 had the same chic pink tone, and costs just £8.99 from Boots.

Captioning the clip, Melissa wrote: "Literally identical shades and a fraction of the price!!"

To get her point across, the beauty whizz applied a layer of each to her top and bottom lips.


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Melissa noted: "Do you see a difference between the shade of lipstick I'm wearing on my top and bottom lips?

"They are actually different brands…but for me they are exactly the same shade."

Fellow social media users were amazed by how similar the colours appeared, leaving more than 30,000 'likes' on her post.

One person wrote: "The best dupe I’ve seen!!!"

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TikTok fans were amazed by the similarity in the shadesCredit: TikTok/mellysophia

Another commented: "They look identical! The colour looks amazing on you."

A third shared: "So gorgeous."

However, others pointed out that even if the colour was exactly the same, there might be some other differences.

One person noted: "Yeah, but the texture and taste or smell of them can be different."

Another also recommended the No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in 'desert rose', currently £9.61 from Amazon, as being another great dupe that "stays on alllll day!"

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