Zara McDermott recalls ’embarrassing’ teenage blunder ‘Big mistake’

Zara McDermott recalls ’embarrassing’ teenage blunder ‘Big mistake’

Zara McDermott says she's not pregnant after posting ultrasound

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Zara McDermott, 25, revisited one of the “embarrasing” blunders she suffered due to her period in an exclusive interview with The former Love Island star, who is a brand ambassador for Always, has been working with the brand to get people talking about first periods and remove the stigma around the topic.

Asked whether she’s ever had an incident with her period, Zara admitted: “Many times! It still happens to me even now.

“It’s definitely an embarrassing experience, even after having my period for 11 years.

“But when I am on my period, I won’t risk wearing lighter clothes.”

Recounting the “big mistake” she made as a teen, Zara conitnued: “I remember when I was about 17, white jeans were all the fashion.

“I wore them while on my period and that was a big mistake!

“Your flow can be unpredictable, so its always best to be prepared and pack the right period protection.”

Zara also revisited her first period and the changes her body went through at the time, as well as the way her mum helped her tackle the issues related to her body image.

She said: “To be honest, I felt scared to grow up and go through those changes.

“I was worried that I wouldn’t be my parents’ little girl anymore and I didn’t want my body to change.”

The reality TV star continued: “But quite quickly, I had a chat with my mum when I felt ready.

“She explained to me that it was ok, that the colour may change throughout my period and what that means.

“I remember being really reassured when I had that conversation.”

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Elsewhere in the conversation, Zara opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend, Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson.

Looking back on her history with Sam, Zara highlighted that after some ups and downs, the couple were now in “an amazing place”.

She also revealed that the pair took things to the next level by moving in together, and more recently, adopting two cats.

The former policy advisor said: “We are in an amazing place now!”

She went on: “We live together, we have our two little fluffy kittens that we got last Christmas.

“That was definitely a new stage of commitment and adjustment. Being responsible for something other than ourselves, caring for them etc.

“To be honest, they have ended up being the bosses of us!” she joked.

For more advice, you can download the Always #FirstPeriods guide for tips on how to have that first period conversation.

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