YouTuber Jake Paul Filmed The #BirdBoxChallenge And Nobody Was Amused

YouTuber Jake Paul Filmed The #BirdBoxChallenge And Nobody Was Amused

If you’re into mindless drivel created by people we’ll one day refer to as “Who?” then please head over to YouTube and check out Jake Paul, younger brother of the just-as-dumb Logan Paul. With their combined powers the two of them annoy the masses for likes and followers, and recently Jake has come under fire for participating in the #BirdBoxChallenge, based on the movie, of course. The challenge encourages people to wear blindfolds and throw themselves into hazardous situations like driving a car. Yes, this fool actually blindfolded himself and drove a car.

Because of the #BirdBoxChallenge, Netflix had to issue a warning and told idiots not to hurt themselves by doing stuff while blindfolded. Jake, who’s an idiot, threw caution to the wind and along with his friend, personal punching bag George Yanko, embarked on an adventure that could only be described as a bunch of Millennials with too much time, too much money and not enough sense.

Here’s the breakdown. The video begins with Jake and George driving around a closed course, backing into a sculpture and murdering a few recycling bins. Next, they grab an Uber, go to a library and make a whole bunch of noise before being asked to leave. Jake whines, “I can’t take my blindfold off, it’s for the challenge“. Afterward, Jake and George dart out into traffic like two unleashed dalmatians running away from Cruella De Vil. Their cameraman scolds them with, “bad douches!”, and then they proceed to get something to eat.

Once again to onlookers, they squeal, “I can’t take my blindfold off, it’s for the challenge.” Finally they end up at a “secret” location at the insistence of their cameraman. He leads them to some kind of park and Jake ends up walking into a pond of freezing water. And that’s when it became too much with Jake jumping up, removing his blindfold and shrieking, “No fair! This water is cold. Game over! I don’t wanna play anymore!” God I can’t stand a whiny bitch. It was all fun and games until you ended up on your back with a wet ass. Reactions to the video have been mixed, yet the consensus seems to be that people are more pissed that Jake didn’t hurt himself.

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