‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Shows Off Her Famous Booty In Skin-Tight Cherry-Covered Pyjamas

‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Shows Off Her Famous Booty In Skin-Tight Cherry-Covered Pyjamas

Yanet Garcia, dubbed by Maxim as the “world’s sexiest weather girl,” is certainly no stranger to attracting attention — online or in the flesh. Having initially risen to fame years ago, as the Daily Mail details, after landing a spot on Mexican television as a prominent, and desirable, weather presenter — Yanet Garcia has since been able to cultivate an enormous social media following. With 8.2 million Instagram followers, it can hardly be argued that Yanet is not a modern day influencer, and her legions of devoted admirers went wild over her latest Instagram video, one in which she coyly teases her audience.

In this particular clip, Yanet can be seen lying face-down on a hotel bed, her famous backside prominently featured. Taken in the style of a selfie, Yanet slowly pans the camera down to capture her cherry-covered pyjama set, a red-on-white affair that is comprised of a thin fabric which leaves little to the imagination as it hugs her every curve. Her feet hang over the edge of the bed, and what appears to be her leather handbag can be seen on a nearby desk. Quickly panning the camera back up to show her face, Yanet gives the viewer an animated look of surprise, opening her lips in a wide “O.”

Wearing natural looking makeup that is complemented by a rose-petal pink lip, Yanet styles her hair straight in order to frame her naturally beautiful face.

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Having racked up nearly 2 million views in less than 24 hours — and also having attracted over 445,000 likes and 9,200-plus comments in the same timespan — it’s clear that Yanet’s fans loved the candid and coy booty shot. In the comments section attached to the Instagram share, one user wrote “Faze censor [Yanet’s ex] is crazy for leaving you for Call of Duty,” while a bolder commenter quipped that “those are some delicious cherry [sic] that I would like to eat.”

The former commenter is referring to the tumultuous breakup between Yanet Garcia and her ex-boyfriend, professional gamer Doug “FaZe Censor” Martin, per Maxim. In the aftermath of the high-profile split, Martin claimed that he had dumped Garcia in response to her having “wanted to get a percentage of [revenue from] the videos I was making.”

Garcia flatly denied this version of events, saying that Martin “has decided to change unconditional love for money or monetizing it as social platforms now call it… I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I’m pointing out the lies that I’m not willing to accept… I cannot recognize the person I was in love with.”

Following the breakup, Martin suffered the slings and arrows of online trolls who, by and large, could hardly believe that he had initiated a breakup with a woman of Garcia’s beauty. From there, things escalated into the acrimonious relationship — a far cry from the loving one they used to share — that they hold with one another today.

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