Unsettling Moments From The New Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’

Unsettling Moments From The New Michael Jackson Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’

On Friday, Leaving Neverland — a documentary about Michael Jackson‘s alleged sexual abuse — debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, and there was apparently no shortage of shocking moments.

The film by Dan Reed follows two accusers — Wade Robson and James Safechuck — who describe the alleged assault they suffered at the hands of the singer.

While Robson met Jackson through a dance competition at age 5 and was allegedly attacked at age 7, Safechuck met the singer at a Pepsi commercial at around age 8 and was allegedly subject to abuse months into their friendship.

In addition to denying all allegations of wrongdoing when he was alive, Jackson’s estate recently called the documentary “just another rehash of dated and discredited allegations.”

According to Variety, here are the 5 most unsettling moments from the documentary that will air on HBO this Spring:


1. Jackson Allegedly Threw A ‘Mock Wedding’ For Him & Safechuck

According to Safechuck, Jackson took him to various luxury stores as a pre-teen and had him sample different accessories. The singer allegedly told sales associates that the young boy was modeling the gifts for a woman. Later, Jackson allegedly bought Safechuck a gold band lined with diamonds, and gave it to him at their “mock wedding” ceremony, where the two recited vows that they wrote together.

2. Jackson Allegedly Faxed Robson Love Notes

When Robson was 7 years old, Jackson allegedly bought him a fax machine and sent him love notes, with one allegedly reading:

“I love you little one… Make me happy and be the best.”

Allegedly, Jackson sent Robson several messages, including self-portraits, and Robson’s mother said their living room would be filled with papers.

3. Neverland Ranch Was Allegedly Filled With Hidden Beds

Allegedly, Jackson’s estate — Neverland Ranch — was filled with hideaways that included beds or privacy nooks where alleged assaults would take place.  These alleged nooks included a locked, private box in the movie theater (with a one-way glass so no one in the theater seats below could see inside), a hidden attic with a bed located in the train station, and the flat yard which was lined with teepees. Additionally, the singer is accused of having enacted oral sex “games” with his alleged victims in the pool and in the jacuzzi.

4. Jackson Allegedly Asked Robson To Dispose Underwear After Anal Penetration Attempt

According to Robson, Jackson sexually abused the dancer one last time in 1997 as the singer was rehearsing for his HIStory World Tour. The alleged incident occurred years after the musician’s 1993 child sex abuse case, when Robson was 14 and was as tall as Jackson.

Allegedly, Jackson invited Robson to his Los Angeles hotel, and attempted to anally penetrate him. However, the singer allegedly backed off when the sexual act became too painful for the teen.

The next day, the singer’s private secretary allegedly demanded that Robson come to the dance studio where Jackson was rehearsing. Jackson allegedly asked Robson if there was any blood on the underwear he wore during the alleged encounter, and if so, Robson needed to throw it away. The dancer apparently complied, found blood on the garment, and threw the item in his condo’s garage dumpster.

5. Jackson Allegedly Practiced ‘Drills’ To Avoid Getting Caught

At the height of the alleged abuse, Safechuck said the singer created a series of precautionary measures so he wouldn’t get caught in the act. Such alleged failsafes included bells that lined the series of doors leading to Jackson’s master suite walk-in closet. Allegedly, while the two were on tour or traveling the world, the singer and Safechuck practiced “drills,” where they would put their clothes on as quickly as possible.

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