Trevor Noah, 'Daily Show' Run Fake Lawyer Ad for 'Insurrectionists'

Trevor Noah, 'Daily Show' Run Fake Lawyer Ad for 'Insurrectionists'

As rioters from Jan. 6 continue to get wrangled by authorities — Trevor Noah wants ‘em to know he’s got their backs … if they’re interested.

The ‘Daily Show’ host took out a full front page ad in the LAT and NYT, which just ran Thursday … and it’s a bat signal of sorts for those who are still looking for a lawyer as the legal fallout from that day keeps piling up, even now. Fortunately, Trevor and co. are willing to help — with their fake law firm.

Check out the newspaper insert for yourself — they call themselves Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons (Patriot Attorneys) … and they say they’re willing to fight an insurrectionist’s case for them and win. That, or say they won … no matter what. 😅

It’s a tongue-in-cheek promotion for sure, but the folks running it went to extreme lengths for this gag, setting up a hotline for people to call 1-85-OOPS-JAN6 (1-856-677-5266). And yes, the damn thing works — we won’t spoil the surprise, ring ‘em up and have some fun with their prompts.

There are more shots taken at those who stormed the Capitol 8 months ago — Trevor says the lawyers will fight the charges like hell … charges like “Attempted Vice Presidenticide,” “lectern theft” and more. It’s a hoot, we’ll give ’em that.

Of course, Trevor’s ad is not real — but he sure seems to want people thinking it is. Pray for those who might wanna seriously take him up on it. 🙏🏽

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