Thomas Markle Shows Off Medical Bills To Prove He Really Had A Heart Attack Before Meghan’s Wedding

Thomas Markle Shows Off Medical Bills To Prove He Really Had A Heart Attack Before Meghan’s Wedding

Ever since Megan Markle became a part of the royal family, she has been dealing with some family drama that kept making headlines and endless social media gossip.

When Megan’s father, Thomas Markle, infamously pulled out of his daughter’s wedding at the eleventh hour due to an alleged heart attack, a source close to the Duchess of Sussex said that Mr. Markle, 73, wasn’t ill and faked the heart attack to garner sympathy and avoid attending the wedding.

Recently, however, Mr. Markle produced a pile of medical bills to prove that he suffered from not just one but two heart attacks prior to his daughter’s wedding with Prince Harry.

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, Thomas Markle suffered from the first heart attack the weekend before the royal wedding and to show that he was actually very ill, he produced documents to prove that he was hospitalized in Mexico for a day and a half.

When his condition was under control and he felt better, he then drove to Los Angeles to meet his ex-wife, Doria, and presented her flowers before falling ill again. He then returned to his home in Rosarito. Regarding his illness and hospitalization, Mr. Markle said the following, per the Daily Mail.

“The doctors told me I was having a second heart attack. I had a blocked artery which they call the widow maker. A friend took me across the border to a U.S. hospital and they saved my life.”

Per the report, Mr. Markle produced hospital bills showing more than $128,000, along with a discharge slip from Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in California. The date of discharge per the documents was May 17 — only two days before the royal wedding that took place on May 19, 2018.

Mr. Markle had also made headlines before the wedding after he staged some photographs with paparazzi which were shared across the world and sold for more than $100, 000 — a move that didn’t settle well with Megan and the royal family.

According to details provided by the Daily Mail story, Prince Harry had called Thomas Markle when he was hospitalized and said, “If you’d listened to me none of this would have happened,” referring to the faked paparazzi pictures.

The report also said that Mr. Markle had hung up on his royal son-in-law but later on said that he regretted doing that because that’s where the rift started between the two families.

Per a report by the Mirror, although Mr. Markle acknowledged that Harry was “absolutely right” to admonish him, he said that he hung up on him because “there is a time and a place to say what he said but not when I’m lying in hospital after a heart attack.”

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