Thomas Markle Is At It Again — This Time ‘Seething With Anger’ At The Royal Family…

Thomas Markle Is At It Again — This Time ‘Seething With Anger’ At The Royal Family…

Like, you kind of have to give him some credit at this point — the man publicly whines more than Donald Trump!

Thomas Markle is at it AGAIN this week, lashing out in the press against the royal family, who he believes is relentlessly and unfairly criticizing his now-pregnant daughter, per new quotes in The Daily Star on Sunday.

According to what the publication is terming as “a friend of the 74-year-old,” Meghan Markle‘s estranged father is “seething with anger” over his daughter’s treatment.

The “friend” claims that Thomas told them the following (below), which the friend then dutifully relayed to the outlet:

“In less than a year, the outpouring of love has turned into a constant sniping at every little thing, even down to the clothes she wears. What’s next? Is someone going to demand ‘Off with her head’? How could they be so cruel and heartless? It hurts me deeply that one of the sweetest young women anyone could hope to meet is being trashed and bashed at every turn by a British establishment hell-bent on belittling her.”

But Thomas wasn’t done there!

The father also reportedly told the friend a good bit more about the situation, too:

“I’m beginning to believe she’s a victim of some sort of sick British sport where you put someone on a pedestal then throw as many stones as you can to knock them off. All this is happening when she’s expecting her first child. Instead of support, she’s getting nothing but flak from so-called Palace sources blowing nasty gossip and innuendo into huge so-called stories. They’re nothing but snobs and their behaviour towards her is a disgrace.”

That does sound like one hell of a sick British sport, doesn’t it???

But seriously… more royal family drama for the soon-to-be royal momma! And Thomas isn’t shying away from it, at all!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! What do U think of his latest public outburst???

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