This Morning guest reveals she eats 1,000 toilet roll sheets daily – leaving viewers shocked

This Morning guest reveals she eats 1,000 toilet roll sheets daily – leaving viewers shocked

This Morning hosts Josie Gibson and Rochelle Humes looked like they were struggling to remain professional as they interviewed a woman who claimed to eat 1,000 sheets of toilet paper a day.

They were joined on the show – which is tipped for a huge makeover – by Kinah Moore, a woman originally from Baltimore in the United States, who suffers from a condition known as Pica.

Pica is an eating disorder in which sufferers compulsively eat non-edible substances.

According to the NHS website, some of the most common “foods” those with the condition eat include playdough, hair, chalk and sand.

Kinah explained that she used to eat baking soda and talcum powder, but that she found it was toilet roll that gave her the most “immense joy.”

Kinah, who has suffered from the condition since the age of eight, said: “I don’t know what possessed me to try toilet paper, baking soda dissolves and the toilet paper sticks. That’s why I preferred it right away.”

She said that while she used to crave a variety of objects, toilet paper is now her favourite.

Kinah even likened the taste to “cotton candy” and said people “have to try it” to “understand.”

The American woman explained that, thus far, she hasn’t suffered any health complications related to her Pica and does eat normal food as well as toilet paper.

However, she admitted that she’s done her best to cut back after discovering that she was pregnant earlier this year.

Since then, she says that if she gets a “bad craving” she’ll chew it and “spit it out” rather than risk hurting the baby, and has begun taking iron supplements.

The show turned to Dr Sara Kayat who said that she certainly wouldn’t advise anyone, pregnant or not, following a similar diet.

“It can lead to stomach pains and in severe cases require surgical intervention,” she explained, adding that some Pica sufferers can satisfy their cravings by eating harmless substances, like ice.

Fans online were shocked by Kinah’s tale, with one joking: “how did this woman survive during the 2020 toilet paper shortage?”

Another added: “Off out to buy some yummy toilet paper for my dinner tonight!”

However, others were less amused and hit out at Josie and Rochelle, who recently opened up about her future on This Morning, for looking like they were about to giggle.

“This isn’t professional at all giggling at the women with the toilet roll issue. That’s why people keep things a secret and shy away from help because of stupid, childish reactions,” one fan wrote online.

Another added that they thought Kinah was “clearly in denial” and said they hope she “gets help” as soon as possible.

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