The Yo-Magic Commercial in WandaVision<\/i> Episode Six Hides a Deeper Meaning About the Show’s Future

Until today, I thought I was alone in thinking that stop-motion is singularly the creepiest animation style. (Robot Chicken legitimately gives me nightmares.) Not only that, but I’m convinced that this quasi-phobia of dumb, dimpled little pieces of clay has been instilled since childhood. Fueled by roughly 10 years of nauseating commercials for Apple Jacks and Go-Gurt. The Nickelodeon Holiday Party, too. Makes me shudder.

That said, it won’t surprise you that this week’s episode of WandaVision sent me into a mild panic. About midway through, we see another one of those weird meta-commercials. Considering the Sitcom Era of the Week seems to be the late 1990s/early 2000s, a la Malcolm in the Middle, we got a commercial in the style of the ones that traumatized middle-aged millennials like myself growing up. It’s for a fake food called Yo-Magic. Basically, a giant, surf jock of a shark gives a cup of Yo-Magic to a starving kid on an island. (Dark!) The kid can’t open the cup, so he rots and dies. (Really dark!) The end.

Now, you should know Marvel by now. If something’s that strange—like, a child starving to death on Disney+ level of strange—there has to be something huge going on. And it seems like some sleuths on Reddit might be close to figuring out the meaning of the horrifying intermission.

All right. Reddit seems split on two theories. Here’s the first one. Essentially, it’s just that the commercial is one big metaphor for what happened in the episode—and how the rest of the season is going to play out. Assume that Yo-Magic is some sort of play on the words your magic, which symbolizes Wanda’s magic. And even though this poor, moppy-haired kid gets the magic, he stills dies. It’s exactly what happens to Vision this episode. When he leaves the Hex, the superhero starts to decaymeaning that Wanda’s magic can’t keep him alive outside the bounds of Westview. Fans think that this might even prove true for Wanda’s twins and Pietro, too. Here’s what Reddit user Hellknightx had to say:

The other theory is a tiny bit more far-fetched, but not too far off. Almost since WandaVision‘s first episode premiered, fans have speculated that Mephisto—Marvel’s take on the devil—is the big bad of this show. If you buy that theory, then the Yo-Magic commercial just told us how Westview came to be. Some fans think that Wanda, in her grief, made a deal with the devil. The trade? Wanda gets Westview and all of its comforts. In return, Mephisto gets to feed on Wanda’s magic. Making the Yo-Magic commercial a cartoonish play on the deal. Check out what YouTube user VEI80s wrote in the commercial’s comments section:

The devil eating children on a Disney show? Extremely dark! Probably too dark for TV. That’s why we think that the first theory will probably prove true. We hope.

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