The British public would prefer Prince William as king rather than Charles

The British public would prefer Prince William as king rather than Charles

The Mail on Sunday spent some money doing a “poll.” The Sunday Superpoll, the Mail insists, used “a sample more than twice the normal size to act as the barometer of the state of the nation.” Ah, hard numbers! I would desperately love to know what the Mail considers “normal size” and what constitutes “more than twice the normal size.” I suspect the poll was taken of the current crop of British royal commentators. Anyway, this poll-takers have overwhelmingly spoken: they think “the line of Royal succession should skip Prince Charles and pass straight to William.” They also “blame Meghan for her husband Harry’s estrangement from the family.”

More miserable reading for Prince Charles, as a Mail on Sunday poll confirms that Brits would rather—when the queen dies—that the crown bypass him and land on son Prince William’s head instead. Forty-one percent of Brits surveyed want William to succeed the queen, compared to 30 percent wanting Charles.

Brits also have strong views about Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against Prince Andrew, alleging he sexually assaulted her three times when she was a minor, a claim he emphatically denies. Half of those surveyed, 50 percent, say Andrew should answer the lawsuit against him in America, with only 29 per cent saying he should answer it from the U.K. Forty-eight percent of Brits say the case has damaged the queen’s reputation.

Around half of the poll respondents think Meghan Markle was behind Prince Harry moving to America; 7 percent say it was Harry’s decision, with under a third, 30 percent, believing it to be a joint decision. Asked how they viewed members of the royal family, positively and negatively, the queen scored well (61 percent positively, 12 percent negatively), as did William (same as the queen), and Kate Middleton (53 percent positively to 12 per cent negatively). Prince Charles did OK (42 percent positively to 24 percent negatively). But Harry and Meghan: ouch. Harry scored 30 percent positively, to 40 per cent negatively, while Meghan was perceived positively by 22 percent of respondents, and negatively by 46 percent.

[From The Daily Beast]

The funny thing, to me, is that they even bothered to do any polling whatsoever on Meghan and Harry. This isn’t the first time, obviously – royal reporters have been crowing for a year and a half about the Sussexes’ “bad poll numbers,” and how every poll suggests that the British public is overwhelmingly disgusted with Harry & Meghan. My thought has always been: “And?” Harry and Meghan aren’t playing that game anymore. They’re in LA, they’re not receiving money from British taxpayers, they’re not beholden to the British public or British institutions. Why does the Mail on Sunday and the British public continue to act like they still have any “ownership” or say in Harry and Meghan’s lives, or that the Sussexes’ lives need public approval? Basically: who gives a sh-t? And of course Salt Island thinks everything is Meghan’s fault. Shocked that the Mail didn’t do a push-poll on whether Andrew’s criminal behavior is Meghan’s fault too.

As for the other numbers… I don’t doubt that William is a more popular prospect than his father. But that’s not the way any of this works. And besides, people vaguely support William… until they don’t. He’s popular compared to his father. That’s not the same thing as being a popular figure in the UK.

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