T.I. Reaches Settlement For Disorderly Conduct Case

T.I. Reaches Settlement For Disorderly Conduct Case

T.I. has reached a settlement deal for disorderly conduct related to the security guard assault case.

According to Billboard, the rapper appeared in Georgia court on Thursday, December 13, where he pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay just a $300 fine to have the rest of the charges against him dismissed.

“Tip was innocent of all charges and would’ve been found not guilty by a jury at trial. But to put this matter to bed, he agreed to enter a no contest plea to a county ordinance violation of cursing in a public place,” T.I.’s attorney Steve Sadow told Billboard. “The judge ordered a fine of $300, which was paid immediately. All of the charges in the amended accusation were dismissed. The case is now concluded.”

On May 16, T.I. was arrested for public intoxication outside of his Atlanta home after he attempted to enter the gated community at 4 a.m., but the security guard on shift refused to allow him in because he did not have his key. He then called a friend who met him at the guard station, where an argument with the guard ensued.

Tip was ultimately granted access to the gated community, but returned to the guard station on foot shortly after. At that point, the police were called.

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