'Sweet Magnolias' Fans Will Love JoAnna Garcia Swisher's Website for Self-Care, Recipes and Family

'Sweet Magnolias' Fans Will Love JoAnna Garcia Swisher's Website for Self-Care, Recipes and Family

It’s been a long wait for Sweet Magnolias Season 2. Season 1 premiered on Netflix in May 2020, allowing viewers to travel to Serenity, South Carolina while confined at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic). However, the pandemic delayed production on season 2. The good news is season 2 has wrapped, and until Netflix announces its premiere date, JoAnna Garcia Swisher has some wholesome content to tide you over. 

Garcia Swisher spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by Zoom on Sept. 1 about her animal rescue campaign with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, her favorite recipes and Sweet Magnolias. Here’s why Sweet Magnolias fans will love Garcia Swisher’s website, The Happy Place.  

The Happy Place and ‘Sweet Magnolias’ have something in common 

Garcia Swisher launched The Happy Place in 2018. On the website, she shares photos of her family’s activities, recipes and craft projects, and advice for self-care. She believes Sweet Magnolias speaks to the same qualities.

“I think that things come into your lives at different times,” she said. “I find that the trend in my work as an actress often mirrors my life. The stories that I find to be most compelling or interesting somehow cross my desk in the way of a script or an opportunity. So I really believe in that power of attraction and leading with your heart in that way. Sweet Magnolias is very much a slice of life. Sometimes that slice tastes delicious and sometimes it’s a little hard to choke down, but it’s a part of life nonetheless.”

See the real JoAnna Garcia Swisher on The Happy Place 

As an actor, Garcia Swisher plays whatever character her role requires. The Happy Place is a chance to let fans in on the real Garcia Swisher household. 

“It really is an extension of where I am,” she said. “And I think that it’s a philosophy. I talk a lot about it doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect but making a memory, that’s something that’s always been really important. Finding the magic even in the darkest moments has definitely been something that I’ve believed in and certainly have fortified that philosophy over the last few years and the many twists and turns that our life takes.”

The Happy Place is meant to show that it doesn’t take extravagant opportunities to find a happy place. Even in life’s sadder moments, simple pleasures can give you a taste of The Happy Place.

“The Happy Place is really about [how] you don’t always come to celebration with a happy heart,” she said. “Sometimes you come to celebration with a heavy heart. I think that it’s just The Happy Place, while it sounds like kind of what it is, it’s this bright spot in all of that stuff. It’s really a lot about finding the celebration and finding the joy and finding the meaning in life.”

JoAnna Garcia Swisher gives other voices a platform, too

Garcia Swisher is not the only person sharing on The Happy Place. Recent posts include The Little Marketplace CEO Skvarla and fashion and lifestyle blogger Christiana Hooks. There are more to come and Garcia Swisher is happy to share the space. 

“I lost my mom in March and I started Sweet Magnolias so The Happy Place was one of those things where I was like when I feel that inspiration, when I feel that need to express myself and tell another story, it’s going to be there and it’s been incredible,” she said. “So we have this incredible array of women and one man that is going to be debuting on The Happy Place.”

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