‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Anne De Paula Busts Out Of Bikini & Flaunts Side Boob & Booty

‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Anne De Paula Busts Out Of Bikini & Flaunts Side Boob & Booty

Sports Illustrated’s Anne de Paula is missing her home country of Brazil. The model recently posted a hot photo to her Instagram page where she professed that she is “ready for the summer back home.” The 23-year-old model is currently in New York where the weather is considerably cooler, and she pointed out that “NYC you’re too cold.” Luckily for us, de Paula has decided to turn the heat right up with a sizzling snap.

De Paula wore a black halter neck bikini which clung to her voluptuous frame and showed off a generous amount of side boob. She paired it with a skimpy black thong which revealed her ample booty. The model showed off her flat stomach, sun-kissed back, and defined arms in the photograph.

While de Paula did not accessorize her look this time around, the model wore makeup to enhance her features. She sported a dark smoky eye, well-defined eyebrows, a dark blush along her cheekbones, and a full pink lip. Her glorious mane of dark brown hair hung in disarray down her back.

De Paula once again proved why she is such a firm favorite with Sports Illustrated fans. She knows how to work a camera and this sultry pic proves it. The Brazilian beauty tossed her hair backwards, pouted her lips, and closed her eyes in a decidedly sexy pose. She gripped her hair so that the crook of her elbow framed her face, and arched her back to reveal its sensuous curve.

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I’m sooo ready for the summer back home!! NYC you’re too cold ????

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The background of a shimmering cool ocean was in stark contrast to de Paula’s sexily-clad figure. The bombshell rested against a hard rock which jutted against her hip, and she seemed to be enjoying her time in the water.

De Paula has over 155,000 followers who are regularly treated to photos of the model. She enjoys showing off her looks and pleasing her fans. The latest pic already has nearly 11,000 likes and plenty of comments from gushing fans. One fan opined that, “New York is always warmer with you there,” while another commented, “A beautiful moment [in] time, incredible shot and weather.”

De Paula is dating NBA star Joel Embiid, per Inquisitr, but she is also an accomplished athlete. She revealed to Sports Illustrated that she used to play goalkeeper for her city’s soccer team. She also indicated that she also loves the Thailand combat sport Muay Thai. It seems as if Embiid’s new girlfriend not only plays defense but packs a mighty punch as well.

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