Snooki Shares Pic Of Her Puking As 3rd Pregnancy Takes It’s Toll on Her

Snooki Shares Pic Of Her Puking As 3rd Pregnancy Takes It’s Toll on Her

Poor Snooki! The reality star let fans get up close and personal to her pregnancy journey when she posted a pic worshipping the porcelain god. Take a look!

Morning sickness is no joke! Snooki, 31, has been suffering from the pregnancy symptom and decided to let her fans in on the action. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star posted a pic from a pretty unique position on Dec. 14. Wearing a camo long sleeve, gray sweat pants and colorful socks, Snooki’s long black locks shielded her face as she leaned over the toilet. In case it wasn’t clear what exactly she was doing on the floor like that, her caption made that crystal clear. “Happy Friday!” she wrote. “#PregnantProblems #JesusTakeTheWheel #CouldI.”

While some fans couldn’t believe that Snooki had set her camera up just to snap a vomiting shot, so many more were sympathetic to the reality star’s morning sickness and wished her the best. So among all of the comments like, “Why in the world would you take a pic of this,” was a mix of variations of, “Awww feel better.” But if Snooki wants to post such personal photos on social media, that’s completely her prerogative. And for those who don’t agree, that’s what the unfollow is for! This is a very real truth for pregnant moms.

Snooki is no stranger to this. She already has two kids, Lorenzo, 6, Giovanna, 4, and announced that she and her husband Jionni LaValle, 31, were expecting their third child on Thanksgiving after documenting her struggle to get pregnant on Jersey Shore.

And on Dec. 13, she revealed the sex of her baby in the most creative way possible! Her son smacked a baseball with a bat that exploded with blue powder upon contact.

So there you have it — she’s having a boy! And even though her pregnancy is giving her morning sickness today, all of those moments hugging the toilet will be worth it when her second son arrives.

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