Sir David Jason’s wife recalls ‘surprise’ at discovery of his daughter

Sir David Jason’s wife recalls ‘surprise’ at discovery of his daughter

Sir David Jason’s wife, Gill, has told of the family’s “shock” at discovering that he has a 52-year-old daughter. The legendary Only Fools And Horses star, 83, made the jaw-dropping discovery that he was the father of actress Abi Harris – and has a 10-year-old grandson, Charlie.

His family have welcomed the pair, and Gill, 62, heaped praise on the couple’s 22-year-old daughter, Sophie Mae, for her “understanding and maturity” as the family work towards building their lives together.

Gill said: “I can only imagine what a shock it was for David and Abi to realise their new relationship and so I felt very supportive towards them from the start.

“It is lovely to embrace Abi into our family and I’m so pleased that everyone has been so understanding. We obviously waited for the right moment to tell Sophie.

“David took her off and worded it beautifully and she took it all in with great understanding and maturity.”

Sir David had a brief relationship with Abi’s mum, Jennifer Hill, in 1970, when the pair starred in a theatre production of Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood.

Jennifer, who appeared in the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy, later married fellow actor Geoffrey Davion, and Abi grew up believing he was her father until his death in 1996. But following discussions with her mum, Abi, who has starred in Doctor Who, started to suspect she could be Sir David’s daughter.

She wrote to him – quoting a line from the Dylan Thomas play – to request that he take a paternity test.

Sir David said: “To say it was a surprise to find out that I had a daughter from years ago is an understatement.

“However, on settling with the news, I am delighted that I am now able to get to know Abi and so we meet up when we can.

“My wife, Gill, and daughter, Sophie, have been very supportive and understanding and have embraced Abi and welcomed her young son.”

Now the family have holidayed together, with Charlie bonding with his grandfather.

Abi said: “In discovering my father’s identity, I am starting to piece together my own. Of course, I am tickled pink and incredibly proud but, frequently, completely overwhelmed with sorrow for the years we have lost.

“After a measured start, now I hope we can consciously make time to see each other more often, so that I can master the art of being the best big sister and build a meaningful father-daughter relationship in its truest sense.”

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