‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Chloe Fights Back Tears While Confronting Alex & He Offers Her A Strict Ultimatum

‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Chloe Fights Back Tears While Confronting Alex & He Offers Her A Strict Ultimatum

In this EXCLUSIVE ‘Siesta Key’ sneak peek, Chloe confronts Alex about his relationship with Juliette, and he offers her an ultimatum in hopes of finally ending the drama!

Tensions are high between Chloe Trautman and Juliette Porter during season two of Siesta Key, especially after Chloe started bringing Juliette’s boyfriend, Alex Kompothecras’, ex, Cara Geswelli, around! In the show’s upcoming Jan. 29 episode, Chloe confronts Alex about the drama, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek above! “I just never thought I was going to be on the outs with so many people in this group,” Chloe admits to Alex, her longtime friend. “These are all my best friends since I was like, 13/14 years old.”

Alex explains that Juliette is sensitive, and she’s pissed about Cara, but Chloe isn’t giving in so fast. “Well I’m pissed at Juliette for everything she’s done to ME,” she argues. “She was totally like…I’ve done nothing to you. Obviously, if Juliette’s not going to own up to any of it then I’m not going to own up to any of it.” Chloe makes it clear that she’s only bringing Cara around because they’re friends, and not because she’s trying to start anything with Juliette. At that point, the conversation takes an emotional turn, with Chloe almost breaking down in tears.

“You apparently decided to go and tell Juliette about how I used to be in love with you,” Chloe tells Alex. “I just am feeling really betrayed that you would bring up some sensitive subject. You know how much it took me to come to that, so I don’t even know why you would use this against me.”

Alex insists he doesn’t want to hurt Chloe, and after a bit more back and forth, he comes to Chloe with an ultimatum, which can hopefully end the drama. “You guys need to start talking,” he says. “You can talk to me all you want, but Juliette’s more sensitive than me and you know that. There should be a way that we can all make this thing work. It just seems like if you’re not pissing her off, she’s pissing you off. Here’s the bottom line: I’m putting together a trip to Miami for Juliette. If you want to go — you need to make things right with Juliette. If you don’t, then you can’t come to Miami. That’s the way it’s going to be.”

We’ll have to wait until the next episode airs on Jan. 29 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV to find out how Chloe reacts to this, but even if this issue does get resolved, it’s pretty safe to say there’s ALWAYS more drama to be had in Siesta Key!

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