Sharon Bush Says She Was Snubbed From President George H.W. Bush's Funeral

Sharon Bush Says She Was Snubbed From President George H.W. Bush's Funeral

Son Neil Bush’s former wife says she was snubbed from the invite list.

With the inclusion of Donald Trump to the list of those invited to the funeral of George H.W. Bush it seemed like everyone was invited to attend, but Sharon Bush, the former wife Neil Bush says that she was snubbed from the event.

PageSix says that Sharon, who was a member of the Bush family for 23 years called Neil, her ex to verify that she would sit with their three children, Lauren, Pierce, and Ashley at the service for her former father in law. Neil Bush’s secretary called back to say that there wouldn’t be enough pews in the National Cathedral for her to attend.

“I was going to take the train down. I wanted to pay my respects. But I paid my respects by raising three wonderful children during a 23-year marriage.”

All three children of Sharon and Neil Bush are active in various charities, and Sharon says she taught them everything they know.

“I taught them everything they know about ‘points of light’ by taking them to soup kitchens and homeless shelters from the time they were 4 years old. I didn’t want them spoiled. I did this. Neil was never around. He was always traveling.”

But if Sharon Bush was surprised that she was excluded from the funeral of President George H.W. Bush, then she was the only one. Heavy says that the divorce between Neil and Sharon Bush was very public, scandalous and divisive.

Sharon told the press in an article that her ex ended their marriage with an email that she shared in Texas Monthly.

“It’s very clear that we have met basic material needs, but it is also really obvious that we are failing to meet each other’s core needs. We’re almost out of money and I’ve lost my patience for being compared to my brothers, for being put down for my inability to make money, and tired of not feeling loved. I’m sure you’ve lost your patience, that you have felt abandoned and a deep sense of loneliness.”

The ex Mrs. Bush also shared with Vanity Fair that Neil Bush had been having an affair with Maria (who is now his second wife). Neil Bush and Maria Anderson married as soon as each was divorced, but the things that Sharon Bush said in the process launched a slander lawsuit by Maria Anderson’s former husband on behalf of their child.

But in recent years, Sharon Bush has reportedly stayed quiet about her former in-laws, focusing on her own charitable works, and thought that all was forgiven.

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