S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole ‘was near poverty’ before his death aged 46

S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole ‘was near poverty’ before his death aged 46

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Four months following the tragic death of S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole, a report has now claimed that the noughties popstar died without leaving behind a will, and with severe debts.

The band had announced their plans in February to reconnect for a reunion tour, with Paul planning on joining long-term pals Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, Tina Barrett, Jo O’Meara, Jon Lee, and Rachel Stevens on the road.

"After eight years it feels amazing to announce that we’re reuniting and performing together again," the seven-member band told elated fans at the time.

"We’re so excited to bring the S Club party back to our fans across the country to celebrate 25 years of S Club 7.

"We can’t even believe it’s been so long. Music and friendship have always been at the core of everything that we’ve ever done. We hope everyone can join us for one big party."

Just weeks later however, 46 year old Paul was found dead at his home in Dorset.

A new report now claims that the hitmaker was "not doing well financially" at his time of passing, adding during a conversation with The Sun: "Although it is shocking a member of the group would not be well-off, people who knew Paul might not be surprised by how little he left."

The source described it as "absolutely terrible that "S Club made tens or hundreds of millions but Paul died like this, in near poverty."

The report claims that the vocalist let total holdings of £35,773, but that he owed more than £20,000 in debts and bills, leaving behind a remaining £15,489 after deductions.

Paul himself had opened up in the past about how surprised he was at the low level of income that the band received altogether during their peak in the early noughties.

Though the group had sold millions of tracks across the globe, were involved in endorsement deals and featured in a string of smash-hit TV shows, they were allegedly restricted to individual earnings of just £150,000 a year.

Their record label is also said to have taken away millions from their success in the charts.

During an appearance on ITV lunch-time talk-show Loose Women five years ago, the star admitted he'd desperately wanted to be cast in a popular reality series, hoping the stints would increase his take-home.

"I’ve wanted to be on them — Dancing On Ice, Strictly, the jungle — I’ve wanted to do all those," he sadly confessed. "But they haven’t wanted me for whatever reason."

A year later, in 2019, the singer also made a public complaint over record executives earning a hugely higher salary than himself or his co-stars.

"The thing people were buying into came from us," he hit out at the time. "And to see people get hundreds of millions of pounds and all the credit — no."

He'd also raised the issue at the time that he and his band mates were "paid a pittance" by Hasbro for an S Club 7 doll collection the company produced.

S Club 7 – including Paul – were hoping to rake in some cash following the success of their upcoming reunion tour, which will still be going ahead as a tribute to Paul, despite the fact Hannah has made the decision to pull out.

Paul had previously expressed his own excitement at the prospect of a tour, telling the MailOnline that he'd even consulted tarot cards to predict how each tour date would go down with fans.

"I saw wheel of fortune – that’s good, that’s good luck. I genuinely did look at the cards. There were other cards as well, ace of clubs – passion, new beginnings, your cup over-runeth with genuinely passionate emotion. It’s positivity – something to be passionate about."

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