Ryan Reynolds Jokingly Reveals He Has Only Had Sex With Blake Lively Twice During Relationship

Ryan Reynolds Jokingly Reveals He Has Only Had Sex With Blake Lively Twice During Relationship

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a relationship that makes many on social media say “goals.” They’re hilariously flirty and fun with each other, and Reynolds kept the fun going when he made a hilarious joke about their sex life.

According to an Entertainment Tonight report, Reynolds appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today where he gives as good as he gets from the funny woman. In a segment, Reynolds discusses his two children with Lively, daughters James, 3, and Inez, 2. The family recently returned from Abu Dhabi, and Reynolds explained how his older daughter traveled well. Then, the host asked about his younger daughter and things got personal.

Reynolds said, “That happened from sex, just FYI,” of his daughter Inez.

“So you’ve only had sex the twice?” host DeGeneres jokes.

“Just the two times,” he says. “It’s a mercenary job, hoping for a third soon.”

The crowd got into it and assumed that Reynolds meant he and Lively are working on having a third child, but that is not the case. He said that to be an expert at something, you need at least 10,000 hours of practice.

Later, the 42-year-old actor told DeGeneres he enjoys parenthood. He said, “I love it. It’s really kind of made me a better person, I think. I sort of miss being horrible. It’s hard. It’s always a challenge, two kids. I think of blinking right now as tiny little breaks all day, but it’s the dream. It’s the best, they’re my buddies. I love it.”

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The actor has a new movie coming out called 6 Underground, and during the filming, he revealed that he got a terrible haircut from a strip mall. The poor decision not only upset his daughter but also Lively who DeGeneres quipped obviously married him solely for his looks.

Reynolds revealed that he spent about six weeks shooting the movie in the Middle East, and his family spent Thanksgiving in a different country where they do not celebrate the day, but they enjoyed experiencing a different culture.

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#6UndergroundMovie or most expensive booze commercial in history? @liorraz @aviationgin #aviationowner

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Weirdly, Reynolds also revealed that he’s watched Frozen so many times with his daughters, which he jokingly explained is actually the Exorcist if you play it in reverse. Because of his Frozen fatigue, he’s thrilled that for Deadpool 2, they will release a PG 13 cut called Once Upon A Deadpool that parents can enjoy with their children.

As for 6 Underground, it should land on Netflix sometime in 2019, but there’s no firm release date yet.

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