Rick Moranis Looks Like A Capitol Rioter Wanted By The FBI – And Twitter Reacts!

Rick Moranis Looks Like A Capitol Rioter Wanted By The FBI – And Twitter Reacts!

Leave Rick Moranis alone!

The poor guy, who very much values his privacy, has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons — and none of them are his fault! As you’ll recall, the Canadian film star got sucker-punched on the streets of Manhattan in October over what cops said was a “random, unprovoked attack.” Thankfully, NYPD ended up catching the guy who did it a few weeks later. But now, things are about to get even worse!

On Sunday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation tweeted out a pair of pictures of a suspect who participated in the US Capitol Building riot back on January 6, and asked their Twitter followers if they had any further information on the man’s identity. Just one little problem, though: the as-yet unidentified Capitol rioter looks nearly identical to the 67-year-old Spaceballs and Honey, I Shrunk The Kids alum!!!

Ch-ch-check out this tweet (below) and you’ll see what we mean:


Dude… Rick, WTF, man?! We thought you were Canadian, kind, and cool, and not some crazy Donald Trump sycophant?!?!

(JK!! Obviously, that’s not actually Rick Moranis. But seriously, what a dead ringer, right?! Who knew the much-beloved and well-respected actor’s doppelgänger was a right-wing insurgent kook?? Sad!)

And as you might expect, Twitter users had a field day with this tweet. For one, not only do the two men look alike, but the helmet-chin-strap-and-glasses look even checks out (below):

Iconic? LOLz! And there’s plenty more where that came from! Here are just a few of the crazier reactions to the Moranis lookalike who is now wanted by the FBI (below):

“Honey, I shrunk the insurrection”

“Hey @fbi you cannot post a photo of Rick Moranis and not expect us to notice.”

“The guy was just trying to find his kids man leave him alone.”

“im not snitching on him he was probably just out looking for ghosts”

“Honey, I shrunk the capitol”

“That’s Dark Helmet. Unless you can achieve ludicrous speed, you have no chance of catching him.”

“Suspect is wanted for trespassing, larceny, and shrinking the kids.”

“i genuinely thought the fbi hired a social media manager to do funny bits and that this was a new meme format with rick moranis”

Seriously, just chalk this up to another one of those “only in 2020-2021” things. Unreal!! BTW, some other Twitter users shared other famous, nostalgic suspicions of who that might be besides a Moranis lookalike, as you can see (below):

Oh, no! Somebody get Frank Costanza on the phone! They think George was part of an insurrection!


What do y’all think about this Capitol rioter’s uncanny resemblance to the Ghostbusters icon, Perezcious readers?! Or maybe the balding, oft-unemployed Seinfeld friend?? Totally unexpected and crazy and surreal, and yet somehow it fits perfectly in our coronavirus-Trump-apocalyptic world of the past 52+ weeks, doesn’t it?

At least we can laugh about it now as they’re all getting rounded up and arrested… definitely wasn’t so funny when these goons were terrorizing our nation’s capital back in early January… Just saying!

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