Relax and chill at home this year with meditation, relaxing music and baths

Relax and chill at home this year with meditation, relaxing music and baths

I’m one of those Type A people who has a hard time slowing down. My mom told me to stop drinking coffee, she was around my age when she cut out coffee due to menopause, but I’m loathe to do that. To relax I try to drink herbal tea, do mediation and sometimes yoga. Sheet masks are another nice way to slow down and do self care. (I recommended these earlier and got good feedback on them!) If you don’t have a lot of time or cash there are options. There are free yoga and meditation videos on YouTube that take less than half an hour. This is an affiliate post but please research cheaper alternatives on eBay and in your area. (Also check out Goodwill and thrift shops! I know it’s not for everyone but I love thrifting and find great bargains.)

An acupressure mat to improve circulation and relieve plain

People say that lying on this mat for a few minutes a day can aid recovery time after working out and that it also reduces back pain. I own a similar product after Lainey Gossip recommended it years ago. I nearly forgot about it because I put it in a closet and it’s one of those “need to remember you have it” products, like that awesome tens unit I recommended earlier. I just used it again, while wearing thin workout clothes, and it was so nice. I’m leaving it in my office so I use it every day. I’m going to lay on it while meditating!

Quick meditation that doesn’t take work at all

When I can remember and take the time out (about 2-3 times a week) I do 10-15 minute free guided meditations at home. It’s not a big time investment and I don’t second-guess myself like when I’m trying to meditate on my own. My favorite channel is The Honest Guys and they have some sleep talkdown meditations along with some truly creative scenarios. This 15 minute one, where you (spoiler) meet an ancient human-like bird that takes away your anxiety, is so weird but it’s one of my favorites. I also love this simple 10 minute meditation with music.

Also, listening to relaxing music while you work can feel like a real treat. Sometimes I listen to lofi hip hop or vaporwave. (It’s different and I have to be in the mood.) Alpha waves can be amazing for focusing and studying. If you have an extra monitor or just want to spend some time looking at nature and beautiful scenery there are so many options on YouTube, some with music.

A fleece robe to keep cozy and warm at home

There’s nothing quite like taking a shower, slipping on a cozy robe and then lounging around the house. Of course most of us put on clothes and go about our day but doesn’t a day at home on the couch watching netflix in a robe sound amazing? Wearing a soft enveloping robe for even 20 minutes while getting ready sounds so nice. My terrycloth one is so busted. This one has hundreds of positive reviews, it’s very affordable at around $30 and it comes in seven different colors.

A velour tracksuit you won’t mind leaving the house in

I own a pink velour tracksuit and I’m not ashamed to go out in it. I have white old school reeboks I wear with it and it’s such a throwback. It’s one of my favorite lounging outfits and I’ve even worked out in it. I got mine from Peebles but this velour tracksuit from Amazon would be a nice option. It comes in navy, black and wine . If you’re looking for separates, here’s an absolutely gorgeous velvet hoodie in the same color as my tracksuit. Look at these velvet leggings! I want these now for mix and match.

A tray for your tub so you can settle in for a long soak

I once covered a story with Liv Tyler where she said she spends, no joke, two hours in the tub every night. She was pregnant at the time, but I often wonder if she still does it. She would watch entire shows from the tub. Now that I have a waterproof Samsung phone I realized that this is an option for me. Here’s an adjustable tray with room for a wine glass or cup of tea, your waterproof device or a book, a candle and soap. I have smallish tubs but this is supposed to fit those too. If you have a big soaking tub or even a jet tub you could be spending more time there while keeping your products close at hand.

Bath bombs to make bathtime special

Bath bombs can be expensive and perfumey. It’s hard to know what you’ll get before you use them. This set has 24 organic bath bombs for around $30. Users say they’re not heavily scented, that the oils leave your skin feeling nice, and that they make a very thoughtful gift. They have no parabens, sulfates or chemicals and are all natural. Some people say they turn the water weird colors, but that seems like a minor complaint.

Make tea and boil water for cooking really fast

If you don’t have an electric kettle yet, consider getting one. It’s nice to make a fast cup of tea or to preheat the water for food like rice, pasta or vegetables. I’ve had this Ivation electric kettle for years and it still works great. (My mom has a model from another company that automatically restarts itself if you don’t use the water within a few minutes. That can be annoying, but this one turns itself off.) It’s a nice break to have a cup of tea, and is also a nice wind down for bed.

A product that will make staying at home better (NSFW)

A friend owns this product (NSFW) and considers it indispensable, however that company seemingly went out of business and there are dupes that may be just as good for less. Buzzfeed writers raved (NSFW) about it.

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