Princess Margaret’s life likened to ‘growing up in zoo’ by confidante Susannah Constantine

Princess Margaret’s life likened to ‘growing up in zoo’ by confidante Susannah Constantine

Princess Margaret: Experts on 'traumatising' affair

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Susannah Constantine was close friends with Princess Margaret when she dated her son David Armstrong Jones. The couple were together during the 1980s, when she grew closer to the Queen’s sister.

Even when Susannah split from the Earl of Snowdon, she still remained close to the royal.

In fact, Margaret threw her an engagement party when was due to be married to Sten Bertelsen in 1995.

Over the years of their friendship, they became confidantes for one another.

Susannah recently opened up about this time in a podcast chat with Kate Thornton.

Susannah discussed Margaret’s life in the spotlight and particularly likened it to being in a “zoo”.

Discussing the royal, she said on White Wine Question Time: “It’s like growing up in a zoo being in that environment.

“And you’ve got people with their noses pressed up to the glass, it’s like being a gorilla.

“So you learn to ignore, you learn to just get on with your life because you have no other option.

“She was truly herself at all times and I had true respect for her.”

Susannah also shared how when her mother was struggling with illness, Margaret became a mother figure to her.

“I was almost like her Pygmalion and I was very close to her.”

This is not the first time the What Not To Wear star has discussed her relationship with Margaret.

She previously opened up on Woman’s Hour about how close they were to each other.

Susannah said: “I am not being tactful or diplomatic… I remember Princess Margaret as being incredibly warm and welcoming.

“My mother was at her worst at the time I was going out with David and Princess Margaret was someone I could turn to.”

She also defended Margaret’s reputation for being “waspish”.

“She was a very kind woman after you got past the protective front,” Susannah continued.

Susannah dated her son David for eight years, making her a staple of the gossip columns at the time.

After they broke up, she went on to date Imran Khan, who was a cricketer before going on to become Prime Minister of Pakistan.

She married businessman Sten in the 1990s and the couple has three children together.

Princess Margaret died in February 2002 at the age of 71.

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