Princess Charlotte Proves That When A Girl Has Got To Go…

Princess Charlotte Proves That When A Girl Has Got To Go…

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte made a quick pit stop at The Phoenix in Stockwell.

Sometimes when a girl has to go, a girl really has to go, even if the only option is the loo in the local pub. And it sounds like Princess Charlotte isn’t the first royal to drop into a bar in the middle of the day unexpectedly.

The Daily Beast says that the Cambridge ladies were having a girls’ day when nature called. Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, 3, made a quick pit stop in their Range Rover and dashed into the Phoenix in Stockwell.

Kate and her little one brought their security detail into the pub, but back in the day, Princess Charlotte’s grandpa gave his bodyguard the slip at age 14 for a trip to his local for a midday cherry brandy with his school friends.

“And now it has been revealed that Princess Charlotte has made her first visit to a British boozer—calling into The Phoenix in Stockwell, South London, for an emergency bathroom break.”

Security came into the pub ahead of the little princess to ask that nobody snap any pics of the underage royal on her potty break. Then, the Cambridges came through the door and headed for the ladies room.

Nobody thought much of it until one patron recognized Middleton.

“No one really knew what was going on until one guy recognized Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. They had parked their Range Rover outside. There were other police officers inside. But it was only the female police officer who came inside. The pub staff has been told not to tell anyone about it.”

A regular at the Phoenix says that he was headed into the pub when he thought he saw the Duchess of Cambridge get out of her SUV.

“I was on my way to the pub when I saw the Duchess of Cambridge getting out of a black Range Rover which was parked on a side road. Then her daughter Princess Charlotte got out and they walked to the pub. A man in a suit stood by the side of the car. I couldn’t believe it.”

Another patron commented that royal or not, when your child says they need to go potty, you make a pit stop at the closest restroom, even if it’s in a pub.

“When your kid needs to go to the loo, they’ve got to go!”

For the record, the little princess took the whole thing in stride and happily walked in and out of her first local.

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