Popular Loop Earplugs Are Now Available For Kids: Perfect for Concerts, Focus & More

Popular Loop Earplugs Are Now Available For Kids: Perfect for Concerts, Focus & More

If you haven’t heard of the Loop earplugs, where have you been?!

The product has been out for awhile now, but they just added a new version just for kids this week.

Loop earplugs help so much with noise reduction to help you with a number of things, including increasing your focus, helping with anxiety and are even great for neurodivergent persons.

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Using the same noise-reducing tech for the standard earplugs, the new kids version are a bit smaller for those smaller ears in children, and are great for those aged 6+.

The “Engage Kids” earplugs come in three fun, bright colors – Berry Blue, Watermelon Red and Ocean Orange.

These earplugs work great for going to concerts, such as The Eras Tour, reducing noise to protect to ear drums, and they can also help increase focus and concentration while doing school work or other tasks, and they can also help manage and reduce anxiety from loud noises.

When you purchase a pair of Loop “Engage Kids” earplugs, you get the following:

  • 1 set of Loop Engage Kids earplugs
  • 4 sets of silicone ear tips ( XXS + XS + S + M included)
  • New-and-improved Carry Case

We’ve tried these earplugs at JJJ and would highly recommend them for those of all ages. They also make great gifts!

You can purchase your own set of “Engage Kids” earplugs, or a pair for someone else, at LoopEarplugs.com.

The other options available (moreso for teens and adults) – Quiet, Experience, Experience Plus, Engage and Engage Plus – are also available to buy on Amazon!

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