‘PLL: The Perfectionists’ Recap: A Key Character Is Brutally Murdered

‘PLL: The Perfectionists’ Recap: A Key Character Is Brutally Murdered

Alison and Mona reunite in a new town that’s got secrets just like Rosewood. The ‘PLL: The Perfectionists’ series premiere ends with a shocking murder and there are already so many suspects.

Welcome to Beacon Heights University, a place where excellence is not an option but a requirement. The pressure is high and someone is about to break. But who? Alison is joining the faculty at BHU. She’s left the twins back home in Rosewood with Emily. She moves into a house at the campus, and Mona turns up unexpectedly. Turns out, Mona works at BHU as well. Alison brings up that Mona was in France, but Mona says that “the reasons why I was there escaped me.” Um, did Uber A escape?!

Mona asks Alison about Emily. Emily loves Alison, but she can’t get over the past. “It always comes back to trust,” Alison says. She wants to leave her mean girl past behind. When Alison walks away, Mona stares right into the mirror at herself and says, “Alison’s as determined as she ever was, don’t you think?” Mona asks herself. Okay, Mona. What the heck?! The next day, Mona explains the story behind Taylor Hotchkiss. She killed herself a year ago and is the town’s only suicide. Taylor’s brother is in Alison’s class, and Alison is also living in Taylor’s house. Awkward.

In Alison’s class, she meets Dylan, Ava, Caitlin, and Nolan. Nolan is a character and throws major shade at Alison. When class ends, Nolan issues his orders at the trio. Dylan has to write Nolan and Ava’s papers and also demands Caitlin come to a party with him. Nolan controls everyone. Caitlin knows that Nolan has something on Dylan and wants to help. Dylan doesn’t budge. When Alison brings up Nolan to Mona, Mona warns Alison to stay away from him.

Dylan has a sweet boyfriend named Andrew, who doesn’t get why Dylan hangs out with Nolan. Caitlin has a man as well, and his name is Jeremy. He doesn’t get the pull Nolan has on Caitlin either. Well, Nolan is blackmailing Caitlin. He threatens to expose her mom’s affair if she doesn’t pretend to be his girlfriend. He’s dating Ava and his mom does not approve because of her father being on the run from the FBI. If Nolan exposes Caitlin’s mom, it would derail her plans to run for president. Speaking of Nolan’s mom, she’s picture perfect. She puts a lot of pressure on Nolan, and she’s also the person who controls Beacon Guard.

Alison confronts Ava about plagiarizing, but Ava doesn’t accept any of Alison’s help. Ava wants Alison to leave things as they are. At a party, Alison talks with Nolan’s mom, who says she’s impressed with Alison’s journey from “mean girl to mentor.” She also mentions that Alison reminds her of Taylor. Nolan continues to taunt Dylan. These two have a past that goes way beyond Dylan writing Nolan’s papers. A flashback reveals Dylan and Nolan have hooked up. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not watching,” Nolan said to Dylan.

Alison tries to talk to Caitlin about Nolan, but Caitlin doesn’t give away too much. Alison continues to get into everyone’s business, and it’s going to get her in trouble. Nolan escapes the party and walks into the woods to call someone. “I need to see you,” he says over the phone. The next day, Ava walks into her dorm and finds Nolan hooking up with her model. He’s brutally blunt with her, saying that their relationship was just about sex and he’s bored now. Ava is absolutely devastated.

This is all a ruse by Nolan because his sister is still alive and hiding out! He doesn’t think Ava will ever forgive him for what he’s done. Taylor tells him that she’ll talk to Ava when their work is done. Their mission is about Beacon Guard, which is spying on a select group of student. They need to know why in order to bring Beacon Guard down. “I know someone we can trust,” Nolan says. Meanwhile, Alison is discovering what’s on the walls of her new place and it’s creepy AF. She peels back the wallpaper and someone wrote, “They’re watching.”

Dylan, Caitlin, and Ava meet in the woods and reveal their fantasies about killing Nolan. Caitlin brings up pushing Nolan off the roof. This is all just talk, though. They go their separate ways on campus as Nolan watches from above. He’s meeting someone on the roof. “I’m sorry I’ve been such an asshole to you,” he says to a masked figure. “But time is running out. This isn’t just about me. It’s about Taylor, too. She’s alive. We need your help.” The person walks up to Nolan and the scene cuts to black. Nolan winds up dead after being pushed off the roof and impaled by the fence. Alison shows up at the gruesome crime scene and sees a shocked Dylan, Caitlin, and Ava. As this scene unfolds, Mona rushes to the bathroom and starts speaking to the mirror again. Turns out, she’s working with Beacon Guard and Nolan’s death has taken everyone by surprise.

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