Piers Morgan: GMB host hits out at ‘deeply offensive’ Rupert Everett ‘Branded me a killer’

Piers Morgan: GMB host hits out at ‘deeply offensive’ Rupert Everett ‘Branded me a killer’

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Piers Morgan, 55, claimed that Rupert Everett was so “horrified” by his desire to win the Comic Relief celebrity version of The Apprentice, that he ran away after just “one day’s filming”. A few years later the actor revealed his true feelings on the GMB host, by labelling him a “killer” and “pathological” in a newspaper interview.

Never seen eye to eye

Piers Morgan

Piers divulged: “Rupert Everett and I have never seen eye to eye since we were pitched together on the same team for a Comic Relief celebrity version of The Apprentice in 2007, and the movie star was so horrified by my burning desire to win that he literally ran away after one day’s filming, never to return.

“In an interview with The Guardian a few years later, he branded me a ‘killer’ and ‘pathological’, said I was ‘slobby and elephantine’.”

The morning TV presenter also was offended by Rupert’s “sympathy” towards his journalist wife Celia Walden.

He continued in his Daily Mail column: “And [Rupert] expressed deeply offensive sympathy for my wife Celia: ‘She’s gorgeous and very funny. I mean, she deserves to be ****** by a god. I’ve always imagined him to be hung like a budgie underneath it all.”

Piers divulged his background with Rupert, as he announced that there was lingering awkwardness when the pair reunited to film for Life Stories last week.

The former BGT judge added: “There was a fair amount of tension in the air when we met again today for my Life Stories show, not least when I started by reading out all his insults about me.

“Did I really say all that?” Everett asked, shocked.

“Yes, Rupert, you did!” Piers responded.

Rupert laughed: “I’m sorry!”

Piers admitted: “To be fair, you weren’t entirely wrong in your assessment.

“Apart from the budgie bit, obviously,” he quipped.

The columnist has hosted the ITV chat show that sees him sit down with celebrities since 2009.

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The episode with Rupert is said to air next year and shows the actor to be “fabulously intelligent”, according to Piers.

The My Best Friend’s Wedding actor will undoubtedly be discussing his third memoir To The End Of The World that has recently been published.

In the book, the BAFTA winner shares an account of his lifelong love of author Oscar Wilde.

The memoir details his enduring obsession with Oscar that compelled him to make a film about the doomed writer.

Reviews of the book have been overall positive, as it has been described as “hilarious” and “honest” by The Telegraph.

Rupert’s obsession with the Irish author began when he was aged five and his mother read him the tale of The Happy Prince at bedtime.

The former best-friend of Madonna wrote: “This is her greatest contribution to my emotional development”.

In adulthood, Rupert also went on to appear in An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest.

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